Sunday, 28 June 2015

Poster de las Piscine

 Number were quite low at group on Wednesday evening. Holidays are in part to blame but Elizabeth has had a fall (and she is one of our younger members!) and I hear that she has a broken leg to go with a concussion! A little too much Elizabeth?

Hope you get back on two feet soon Elizabeth!!

Beverley returned to group with a knitting project for a third Grandchild

love the lacy pattern

Brenda is making her own Rainforest with a collection of Batik fabrics
some great colours
 Maggie has completed making her version of the "Hussuff"
 this is the inside

Carol has an ongoing project using hexagons. This may have taken .........  well, some time, but it is something to keep coming back to and will get finished - one day!
Grandmothers Flower Garden
 And it is true - We have contaminated another victim!!
Nous savions que cela arriverait!

Gill has visited a couple of local Patchwork shops and has spent (far too much) money and geared herself up with the equipment to feed her new habit!
Welcome to the fold Gill!
Gill's First Patchwork Finish!
 Sally is knitting a lovely little jumper. I think that is for her Grandchild too
Love Fisherman's Rib!
 And finally, Susan had stitched another of her squares.  These are so sweet.

I am not sure I will get to add another blog post from where I am staying. That pool is so inviting when the temperature tops 90 deg!  But I have my space in the water with an umbrella for shade and a good book to read so I will suffer in .... silence

Rendez-vous à mon retour

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Just Beacause I'm away....

Doesn't mean I am going to slack off with keeping the blog up to date!

Un petit oiseau m'a envoye quelques photos du lundi  (translate!)

Jan has nearly finished the blocks for her baby quilt

Carole has made a lovely Scottie dog

 And some Half Square Triangle tote bags
 Di is making more Christmas decorations

 Kay has been busy making "Prick & Stitch cards. These are quite time consuming, but they are very pretty aren't they?

Mrs Beal has now finished her Kaffe Fasset quilt. This is so colourful!!
this is the back - Fabulous!

and this is the quilt front. Love the stripey border
Muriel has been busy dressmaking for her Grand-daughter
a very pretty dress 
Well done Muriel!

si quelqu'un parvient à envoyer des photos à partir de mercredi alors je vais les amener ici plutôt que de passer du temps dans la piscine! Honnête !!!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Catch up Compilation

I must apologise for the lack of posts recently ( and the lack of my presence at group too!)
There's lots been going on with my family and they always come first - even if its a last minute "can you just?' call!!

Anyway group will always carry on and there has been lots of progress on many peoples projects. 
This week we had a major push on making small items for our sales table for the Exhibition in September.
We had been sent a large box of fabric from Shirley, a reader of our blog. Much cutting has been done and a bit of a sweat shop happened on Monday and Wednesday evening. 
kits cut ready to sew

a Christmas Table Runner

and a Christmas table topper
 Lynda is making cutlery wraps
 Annette was producing Microwave Bowl holders
 Great to hold your porridge bowl in the morning!

 Enough for Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

 Alison is having trouble with her project ..... I will reveal all if she ever works it out!!
 We have many needle-cases on the go


                And quite a few crayon rolls
fab car fabric

Ena working on a table runner

Barbara is making little carry bags for your iron and these turn into pressing mats. Great for a workshop or holiday
 Finger puppets for your whole hand

 Embroidered cards
 A pretty coaster

 These wedge cushions are made using this tutorial  They do look nice, and the shape makes a change

But we also have some "normal cushions
 Spectacle cases

 and soft balls
 Christmas decs galore
 and flocks of little birds

 Book cover for your favourite author


 And bags

 and bags for your bags
 Waistcoats for your wine bottles
we drink very posh wine you know!

 Elsewhere there were some "Hussuff's" being finished

 And I spotted this foundation pieced circle looking very interesting

 Oh - another arty piece that we will watch come together
 and a beautiful pieced Tree of Life block

It looks like there will be lots of nice things to buy on our table.

Plans are forging ahead for the Exhibition. Put the date in your diaries - 26th & 27th September.  We are having our next committee meeting in a couple of weeks and if you have any ideas, thoughts or questions get them to Carol before the 5th July so that we can cover everything at that meeting.


Don't forget - We need one or two volunteers to collate next years activity programme. 
I am a bit disappointed that no one has come forward. You don't need to teach the workshop days - you just have to get someone else to do it for you! It's no onerous task - juts eight or nine days throughout the year. Lets face it If Ena can do it - we all can (love you Ena - Just making a point!)
 Please don't ignore our request for a bit of help.....
 You all want "special" days/evenings - It's up to all of us to help sort it.

I am away for a couple of weeks but am hoping (haven't asked yet) that someone will email me some photos and I should be able to update the blog from my hols.