Friday, 1 June 2018

My Goodness!

Its been almost a month since I last posted.

But we have had Two Bank Holidays and I have been away so that just how it is!.

Not many photos to show
But we did have a really nice Four Corners day with some lovely ideas.

Janis' embroidery
 Shirley's handy work bag
 The Coven's  Kay's embroidered cards
 And Carol's Cathedral Window needle-case

Next months All Day will be re assigned as Elaine will be away on holiday

I might have come up with a new item - Just need to see if it works out  😕

If you are a Facebook follower you may have seen this request ......

And I am pretty sure that some of you have already gotten started on knitting but we will be supporting this Charity for the next few months and we will see how many we can rustle up.

 Your help would be appreciated. 

Just for info - Irene Alford will be visiting on Wednesday 20th June to give a talk on the Dress A Child Around the World charity.  This will be opened to the General Public and will be of interest to those freaks people that don't sew 😂

I will have a few posters on Monday and Wednesday if you would like to distribute them in your area.    

Friday, 4 May 2018

Just Some Snaps

Which I have uploaded and will edit this post during the week

More Bunnies from our Project Day
smarty pants knitted jackets too

The "C" word !!!!!

Foundation Pieced blocks in some bags
They seem to be breeding ....
I think that this is weaving
We all know who is mending 😉

Some more Christmas Tea Towel Challenges

Prepping some blocks for a crochet border
The Crochet Fusion Quilt has been a popular project
And Hexagons are always popular

Starting a stitched item

some TINY Flying Geese!

I love Sheila's Sunflower panel - one of two that she has made
The scrappy ragged waistcoat is nearly done

June has been playing with a Jelly Roll
Louise is on a mission to get things finished
From Looooooong ago !
Some lucky little boys will have some very fancy pants

 And still more rabbits!! 
and so sweet

Thursday, 12 April 2018

A Challenging Week

Well, it was the Challenge Reveal week 😏

Everyone was given a plainish  cotton Tea Towel. The Challenge was to re-purpose this into something completely different.

The Mini Charms were a gift
We had a number of Aprons

 Pegs Bags

And Bags

clever use of those stripes


 A Topsy Turvey Doll

Sewing Accessories


And Table Decor

A Cushion

Wall Decor

Some Stools

And even a Garment !!!

So, Once again Ladies, You have excelled yourselves. 
It is amazing the number of Different things your weird inventive minds come up with 😜

Well Done !!!