Friday, 21 October 2016

Apres Holiday Round Up

 Because, although these photos were sent to me whilst I was away, I am reminded that I will NEVER try to update the blog from my I Pad !!!

 So lots to show - thank you Carol for sending the pics

Not patchwork but Amanda has nearly finished another lovely latch hook rug 

 Barbara has completed her Christmas Red Work quilt

 Jackie was cutting out a herd of little elephants ready to applique a new baby quilt

Carol had offered to  show how to make a Log Cabin Christmas Wreath panel for this months Project-

Bernice's start
 I am sorry to say that Shirley was the only taker from the Monday Group, so thank you Shirley, and Thank you Carol for turning up to teach one pupil!!

Brenda and Rosemary had gotten a sneaky start to this project 

Brenda's - almost finished!
These would make a lovely table centre at Christmas!  I am hoping to catch up with this project next week.

Bernice is also working on a Quilt As You Go Project
love the fabrics!
 Colleen is hoping to finish her Candlewick Quilt ready for a Charity Exhibition next summer

cute fairy
 Debbie has been folding fabric to make this pretty Christmas Tree

an old favourite

 Jan has another applique quilt on the go

 Kim is putting her little embroidered coat together
 Mrs Beal is working on Hexagons

 and is keeping her apprentice busy too!

More Hexagons from Sue

 And another purple block from Muriel

 For the Monday All Day a small group of members met for what would become something of a sweatshop!

 This year Piecemakers are sponsoring 30 'Shoe-boxes' for charity and have been very lucky to receive sleeves from men's shirts from a local menswear shop [Warwick's Menswear].  They found that some long sleeved shirts were not selling so it was decided to cut the sleeves off and make them short sleeved and apparently they have sold well!
 We were lucky enough to receive the sleeves

 and so the cuffs have been cut off
and after a little judicious stitching they have turned into little pencil cases, complete with coloured crayons, that will go into our shoe-boxes. 

By the end of the day 96 had been made - 
Well done to Ena and Carol who unpicked the cuff to remove the remains of the sleeve, Val, Toni and Glenys for machining them together and Maureen and Ellen for sewing on a pretty button.  Thanks also to other members of the group who were 'press-ganged' into sewing on buttons.  We didn't think we would get them complete in one day. 

  The rest of the sleeves have been cut into 4" square and will be turned into Linus quilts, so nothing is wasted!!"

 A BIG Thank You to Warwicks Menswear  for donating these lovely cotton fabrics

Monday, 3 October 2016

A Quick Update

 Jackie has been working hard to get this lovely quilt completed before the recipient leaves their shared workplace.
She has made a great job of it too!

 Bernice has been working on this mixed block project with another group that she belongs too

Love the seed head embroidery!

 She has also been on a very successful course  and is adding beads, a lot of beads!  We will see the finished items later

Our Project for October will be a Log Cabin Advent Wreath

You may all find it useful to prepare your cut pieces before coming to the workshop

Pop over to the Diary page for more details

I am away for a couple of weeks - a well deserved holiday if I say so myself!!

I am hoping that someone will be able to keep up with the photo taking and email to me so that I can post on here whilst I am away!!

See you all later in the month !

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Project Week

 And there was lots of twinkly things being produced

Shirley was showing how to make a beautiful beaded snowflake
Lots of supplies
off to a good start
Nearly there
 And some pretty decorations made

 Thank you Shirley - a great workshop

 Ena was off on her own quest of making more of her tiny beaded baubles

she's gonna need a bigger tree!

 Alison was showing these sweet Teddy decorations

 Thank you Alison - these are lovely

Barbara was helping create a whole flock of little chicks 
Pincushions galore
 Thank you Barbara - these would make a nice little stocking filler, and I expect to see more of these in the future.

 Meanwhile .......

There was a whole factory of doll dressing going on. 
Ellen adding hair
Very smart!
Gathering the dress yolks
Ena working furiously
 Making up the dresses

 Toni's first one done!

Pretty fabric
 Maureen's completed dress
 Just the hem to finish and then ......

 Faces to be added but we managed to get all of the little dresses complete - except for the buttonholes which will be done at home

Well done and thank you ladies!!

These dolls will be added to the Shoe Boxes that we are making up over the next few weeks.

Other items being worked on in the group -

Barbara is Cross Stitching this pretty bear

Chloe - our youngest member ( my many many many years)  has made her own Fold and Stitch wreath using this doggy fabric 
Well Done Chloe !  It's great!
Lynda had been to a workshop to make this lovely bag - which she said was a bit of a challenge - but is very happy with the final result.
ready for her next shopping trip
Susan is making hexagons that will become a bag later.
nice fabrics
Rosemary and Brenda were both working on an "easy" zipper pouch. Though they were thinking it was not that easy.

But I'm sure they will work it out

Jackie was showing Sue how to free motion quilt.  And Sue was doing very well too.

Carol had finished one of the two smocked panels that will become dresses for her Grand Daughters

And Yes - Christmas projects are underway!!

Beverley is embroidering a set of pictures that will be added to a quilt

Sally has started making this clutch of eggs into pine cones 

And Lynda has started her Christmas cards with this Prick and Stitch design.
I expect that Christmas will feature quite a bit over the next couple of months.  Hey Ho !  It will soon be the season.

Thank you to all who took charge of the projects this month. 


 Just a Reminder 

There is plenty to do and see this weekend 

  Barton Patchers  
 Quilt Exhibition
Earls Barton Methodist Church
Saturday 24th  10 am - 4.30 pm
Sunday 25th Sept 12 noon till 4pm
Admission £3
In Aid of Macmillan Cancer


Thread and Patches 
have their

                         15th Anniversary 

                          Quilt Exhibition 

     Fri 23rd and Sat 24th September 2016

                               10.30 til 4.30 

               This event will takes place over three venues 

 Pop over to Threads and Patches for more details

I won't be able to see any of these exhibits as I (and a few others ) am of to Yarndale !!!!