Thursday, 19 January 2017

Eeerrrm - Happy New Year !!!

 Yes - I know I know! I haven't posted in ages. Now going through the photos I can't remember who was doing what and when.

Anyway, during Christmas week we had a small meeting where there was lots of panic knitting being completed and maybe just a bit of sewing.
 But a lot of chatting.
A relaxed day that we all appreciated in the manic run up to Christmas.

And my car boot was filled with our donations to be delivered to the local Food Bank/Homeless shelter

 The Shelter organisers were thrilled with our donation.

So a BIG Thank You for your generosity ladies

overflowing with kindness

 And so we begin a New Year where hopefully we will see more sewing projects, rather than knitting at our Patchwork & Quilting group
Image result for confused emoji

 This week saw our Monday All Day session and Elaine was working on this very pretty bag to carry her cutting boards

Carole was working on a secret project. Can you guess what this might be?

 Sue was sewing down some Hexi flowers - I think these were Liberty Lawns
 A new lady, Christine, was busy sewing squares together, and I will find out what the finished item will be next week.

 Bridget did not want to be included in this photo!  We have seen this cute dog quilt in progress and I think there is only a border to add before she begins quilting

 A group of ladies wanted to get each other through support each other making these lovely beaded scissor keepers.
 and were thrilled with the results

 Well, most of them had results...........

slightly distracted Jo?

 Ellen and Maureen were sorting some squares that were cut from the shirt sleeves left over from this donation

These will make some great Linus quilts. So if you have any spare minutes to sew some together during the next month , have a chat with Ellen and we can get a head start on our Project Linus day in February.

Don't forget we will hold our
Annual General Meeting on Monday 23rd January at 2.00pm 
This will be during our normal meeting and will only take a few minutes to go through the necessary formalities. Please come along if you can and if you are not able, please pass you apologies onto our Secretary. 

Hopefully we will have some lovely new patchwork projects to show you son. 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

It's that Time of Year

 When there is a lot of panic finishing going on.

Which included an awful lot of knitting - but we aren't going to expel those members - some things need to be finished!   Including this sweet snowman jumper
 Hopefully it will be back to Patchwork & Quilting in the New Year!

Kay had (at last) finished her beautiful Christmas Sampler hanging. She loves making up the blocks, but isn't so keen on putting them together, I'm so glad she persevered - this is a beauty!

so much detail!

 Some more Star cushions from the project day, being made by Carole

 A couple of the Mini Mania girls brought in their November Applique Challenge
 June is busy folding and pinning fabrics to make a Christmas Tree
 Pat was adding the finishing touches to her Christmas Tree

Pam had made two sizes of Teddy Bear in a Stocking so thought that they needed a "Daddy Bear" size to finish them off

 Sheila has almost finished her Felt Wreath after having to re-make her Polar Bear as her Grandson had taken a liking to the original!
 It was nice to see Hazel with us again, and her cross stitch piece is making progress

Lynda is stitching a Christmas embroidery panel and assured me that this will be finished for Christmas (2017) . I don't doubt that at all!

Elaine was organising some blocks that she had finished  ready to piece this Gypsy Wife quilt
 Anonymous ( this will be a gift)  was stitching little pentagons together to make a babies ball

I believe she has to make two 😉😉😉
 Bridget has added more to her Doggy quilt block

Eileen is making another Christmas Card hanger ready for the postman to call

 Alison just has to add a teeny tiny head to this little Santa before the big day

 And to finish off Angie and Ena are still playing with sparkly baubles
 some are bigger than others - just saying 😉

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Project Day

 Lynda had kindly prepared templates in 3 sizes ready for the ladies to make this decorative cushion. Most of us used Christmassy fabrics and set about sewing the pieces together

some by machine

some by hand
 Pauline (Mr's Beal's apprentice) was not able to attend the workshop, but had done all of her homework and popped in to show us TWO completed cushions! 

Love this fabric
 And lots of pretty cushions were completed
 Thank you Lynda for sorting out the fact that the templates had been published incorrectly!!!! And for a very successful workshop

Pauline had showed some of the ladies how to make a sweet angel tree decoration
 Thank you Pauline

 Bridget had brought in a quilt that had just been completed as a gift for a niece. The Niece was a child when the quilt was started, and now ...... she is not!!! But I am sure that she will love this quilt

I know when this was started .... but I am not THAT cruel !!!!

 As we are coming into the festive season some of the ladies were making beaded decorations

Some REALLY small ones

 and some just small

 And on this table the only angels in sight were the beaded ones!!!

these are tiny beads!
Starting to take shape
Wings sorted

Not actually finished at group but a finished angel non the less

And as the temperature has dropped a certain Mr S is safe to make an appearance

 Brenda is drawing the raffle winner for this great "Yarnbombed" Chair tonight
Keep your fingers crossed

all proceeds are going to the Nystagmus group
Just a little reminder that the all day in December will be on the 12th December rather than the 19th 
There is a notice on the board -