Monday, 29 October 2012

Another WARM Monday

 I think we are making ourselves at home in our temporary venue....

What's this! interlopers in 'cock up corner'
 and if we get bored with sewing (if ever) we can turn around and watch the bowling
These ladies are certainly not bored, just busy bee's

 Hallo! there seems to be a lot of Christmas deco's and gifts being made.

This little stocking was made from the fabric scraps that were left over from our Scrappy Christmas stocking...... very frugal.

Haven't seen these tree deco's before

Busy with Seminole panels

All I can say about the following couple of photos is....... these little birds look so much better in the flesh..   No offence, but I have to laugh each time I see these little fellows

This one is not finished

but this one is.

See what I mean!!!!!!

nice and bright and cheerful

Bright scrappy stocking (mostly hand made).

Some one is going to have a very smart Christmas table with these Redwork serviettes 

Each serviette has a different tree

What a great needlecase.

What stunning scissor keepers, what would you give to receive one of these in your stocking this Christmas????

 Someone's got a challenge on their hands

What a pretty block, look forward to seeing more of these

and many more of these
think she should be in that 'Hexie' corner

Back in May Ann Beal made a lap size quilt that turned out to be for a new puppy, you can see it here .  she mention that she had orders for two more quilts, this time for cats!!!!!!
She must be a super gran or mad as a hatter,  because she has completed one of the kitties quilts.  

Unfortunately the photographer needs a new camera or steadier hands .... the fabric is all black and white cats...... so cute.

Last but by no means least.......... a finished item from Angie......we have to put the flags out when she finishes things
Well done Angie

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A different venue this week.

 As there is no heating at the Hensman Hall, we have called in a favour (not sure what Lynda has to do for payment!!) and are meeting at Rushden Bowls Club. Lots of lovely light and heat, but not quite so much space so we had to keep a bit tidy!
A nice space to work
As you can see, we had the usual problems from one corner!

And it looks like they are trying to recruit more to the clan. 

 But we did have quite a bit of constructive sewing during the afternoon.
Heads down here!

Carolynne, who is really a knitter, found a little doll pattern and made her first!
She has four more to make now, one for each Grand-Daughter. We will make a sewer out of her yet!!
 Several more of the Christmas stocking were being produced. Di is on a stocking marathon ready for a charity sales table at her daughters local hospital.

 Maria is sorting out her blocks for the Christmas block of the month project. She got the top put together - we will post a photo of that later

Add caption

Lynda has been making an embroidered and pieced quilt as a block of the month. The pattern came from here. This was both machine and hand quilted. Another one off her UFO list. Well done!

a close up of one of the blocks.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Phew!!! What a day

We arrived today and found a cold Hensman Hall...... but we soon we were all steaming .. Jo got her whip up and set us all to work. Machines set up, bobbins wound, needles threaded...

look out Scrappy Christmas Stockings here we come...

Some decided to hand sew,

will take a little longer
Di looks very organised

the same can't be said of Lesley !
some pretty prints here

serious stitching here

coming on nicely

So this is what we were aiming for

 And this is what we achieved!  Not bad eh?

for right and left feet too!
 There were some more made but not quit finished. Perhaps we will see them next week.

 A great big THANK YOU  to Jo for guiding all so expertly!

Some of the ladies carried on with the  Block of the Month Christmas hanging
not much more to do

Piecing it all together
 June has completed a beautiful Heart cross stitch. This is a gift for someone special.
so sweet

Some hand quilting and a bit of tuition going on here.

practice practice practice
 And I'm not quite sure what was going on here!! I know we said it was cold but.......
getting a bit cosy?
Oh! Di is helping Maria  to do a bit of free motion quilting!   Seem like it worked too. Well done Di!

Quite a productive day again and lots of laughter too. Plus some scrummy cakes and meringues from Pat. What better way to spend a miserable Monday.

Keep an eye on the Blog ladies for more information on the heating situation. Looks like we may have blagged a toasty venue for Wednesday, and maybe for next Monday too, if the boiler is still poorly.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

 Someone has been working hard....  not one but two quilts..
Some lucky children are going to be warm this winter.
Liz made the quilts but was too shy to get in the photo.

Lovely cushion brought in to give inspiration...

 I think we will call this Hex corner..... what is going on???
Looks like Angie is cold!
 what is going on???

What a great idea for a bag....

 Betty.... playing 'Peep bo'

 No, she was showing you her dresdon plate oven mitts..... very smart.
Bit of Knitting, can you see the little flowers???
 I think instead of 'cock up' corner we should call this charity corner...they make so many bit for local groups to sell and raise funds

Shaun the Sheep and is that a pineapple bottle topper?
Christmas sacks
 And  a Charles Rennie Mackintosh  rose from Eileen

Are these on their way to Charity Corner?

 Pat missed out on one of the Christmas blocks, so she created this one.

Yes, it really is only about 7" big

Owl bag, but look the handle and button are all eyes.

 Well done ladies, another bumper day.

Remember 'Ali Palli' Knitting and Stitching show on Sunday, the coach leaves Higham at 8.30 a.m. sharp.

Next week is again out 'all day' so hope you all have the recipe for the Scrappy Christmas Stocking.