Monday, 25 June 2018

Two Workshops

 We have had a busy couple of weeks at Group, starting with the Monday ladies making a Car Caddy Bag

But first a look a Carol's humongous bruise, acquired after she fell of her bike!! 

worth dropping her trouser for
But it hasn't seemed to affect her appetite ......

 Carol had made cup cakes to sell for the Alzheimer Charity

Some of the ladies also decided that they would have a raffle to help boost the funds that Carol wanted to raise.

We had a great response with lots of lovely prizes donated and Carol made £165 for the Charity.

The Car Caddy - a simple little bag with a hidden pocket

 And lots of ladies cracked on with making these

 Getting everything right (not necessarily at the first attempt 🙄) which resulted in a lovely selection of little bags

 If you want to make one for yourself, this was the Tutorial that we used.

 Lots of other things have been going on

 Lynda B's finished (yes finished) miniature Flying Geese
 Chris has excelled herself with these pretty applique hearts

not all made on the same day 😜

 Kathy has found more hexagons to join together

 An embellished hanging star

 Pauline has finished her tree embroidery from last months four corners day

Ann was making some beautiful beaded necklaces

Debbie was sewing the binding down on her Christmas quilt 

More Applique from Elaine

 Some pretty Cross Stitch

Pauline has made a lovely book-cover 

Muriel was making fabric flowers that will be displayed in her local church Flower Festival

Bridget was binding her disappearing Nine Patch quilt
so sweet
 Annette was making some Prick and Stitch cards

 Barbara has finished her beautiful 1" hexagon quilt

There's been quite a bit of knitting and crochet .....

Ena making a crochet shawl

 And Maureen a knitted one
 Even though we are a Patchwork and Quilting group we don't expell those making other crafts, especially as some are on a mission to help out the Crazy Hats Breast Cancer charity, who are going to be creating a Yarn Bomb later in the year

They want lots of different sized knitted Pink Ribbons
 and crochet flowers too
 And the ladies are going great guns
 If you want to join in ...

 The Wednesday ladies shad an evening making the Flex Frame Bag

 All pieces were cut out prior to the evening so sewing could start as soon as they were set up.

 resulting in most of the nags being finished in a couple of hours

 It was a really good evening (if a bit of a sweat shop! )

 The following Wednesday saw Irene visit us again to talk about the Dress A Girl Around the World Charity.

We had opened the evening to the public and set up a bit of a display of some f the items that members have made.

Irene had brought some samples of the items that are sent, mostly via visitors to the orphanages and villages that are sponsored. She gets lovely pictures of the children that are given the dresses or shorts (sometimes its the only item of clothing that they own )
Someone had made a whole bunch of shorts, but was balking at threading the elastic so CUC took charge of the pile and after a very short time ....
 34 pairs of completed shorts
Thank you sooooo much girls xxx
 Ellen had made (and finished 😜) a whole pile of shorts too

Pat had made some dresses from some of her husbands shirts

 and there was a lovely selection of other dresses made that were handed over to Irene
these crochet top ones were particularly popular
So well done and thank you all for all you do for the Charities that we like to give a bit of support to.


 Next months Wednesday workshop will be Beverly's Sea Creature. 

Requirements will be over on the Diary page shortly.

Friday, 1 June 2018

My Goodness!

Its been almost a month since I last posted.

But we have had Two Bank Holidays and I have been away so that just how it is!.

Not many photos to show
But we did have a really nice Four Corners day with some lovely ideas.

Janis' embroidery
 Shirley's handy work bag
 The Coven's  Kay's embroidered cards
 And Carol's Cathedral Window needle-case

Next months All Day will be re assigned as Elaine will be away on holiday

I might have come up with a new item - Just need to see if it works out  😕

If you are a Facebook follower you may have seen this request ......

And I am pretty sure that some of you have already gotten started on knitting but we will be supporting this Charity for the next few months and we will see how many we can rustle up.

 Your help would be appreciated. 

Just for info - Irene Alford will be visiting on Wednesday 20th June to give a talk on the Dress A Child Around the World charity.  This will be opened to the General Public and will be of interest to those freaks people that don't sew 😂

I will have a few posters on Monday and Wednesday if you would like to distribute them in your area.