Monday, 2 October 2017

October Offerings

 Angie excelled herself at group by actually taking out her pretty needle-case. That is as far as it got, but she enjoyed herself and that's what it's all about!
 Lynda was cutting some HST units from a sheet that she had sewn.  Will they ever be used? Who knows, but they are cute😏

 These were the sheets that she used to make multiple HST's  - a great time saver
 Kathy was pleased to show the pretty pouch that she has made with her orphan EPP pieces
 Chris has tidied up for the first time in ....... years and discovered this Candlewick embroidery piece, which she says she will finish (before the end of the year) we shall see 😜
 Val .. well I am not sure what Val was making, but she had a very pretty Mug Rug
 Kay is back on her activity book . It will be lovely when its done.

Ann was busy working on her Crazy Patchwork block that will become a Linus quilt
 Mrs Beal's apprentice has been promoted to "Panel Stitcher"  after her report card read "much improved"
a Doggy panel
 June is appliqueing onto a thread-work background

 Muriel has begun working on a lovely child's quilt design

 Shirley had been on a beading course and still has a way to go before this poppy brooch will be finished.
and it will be beautiful
 Ellen is working on a super secret piece

 Which may or may not resemble the candle holder that CUC will be showing us how to make in November

 Maureen is (MAD!!) making a tiny tiny tiny piece of lace for her God Daughter

 There were several beaded tea lite covers appearing after the September workshop

 Bridget wanted everyone to know that this little work of art had ONLY taken her 3 weeks to complete

 Lynda had been to a Anja Townrow workshop and was adding the final touches.  It was going to be a book cover, but she may create something else that will show it off nicely.

 Three of the ladies belong to a Flickr Group - Mini Mania Challenge. Septembers Challenge was "Circles" 

Kim Porter came to group on Wednesday to talk on her Washed and Worn Quilts.   A great evening but I failed to take any photos.  Shame you weren't there πŸ˜•

Just a Heads Up that Joan Fisher will be coming to us on 27th November to give her talk on The Tent-makers of Cairo 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Summer is Over ...

 There seems to be quite a bit of knitting and crochet going on at group at the minute ...

But Kay had managed to finish her (very very old)table topper that was a group project MANY years ago!
lovely all the same
 Ellen is blanket stitching another High Tea Fusion quilt ready to be joined with a crochet border

this design has proved popular

 June has made another box - this time to hold napkins
 June has alsi used part of an old metal tape measure to make one of the "snappy" purses
 Hexagons are still proving popular
 And some secret sewing that I am not able to show you yet.

The Purse clasps have been ordered for the October Project day so all is go for that lovely little bag .

And so into Autumn......

Monday, 4 September 2017

So Autumn Begins

 With a few Linus quilts being started


 some lovley fabrics there ladies

Ena is still busy playing with her beads, and Shirley has offered to show the Group how to make one of these little Tea Light holders
What do you think?

 There was quite a few Embroidered pieces being worked on, prior to their transformation into little works of art

Ellen's Little Friends

Glenys' Jacobean creation
 Several little stitcheries that are for the Festive season

 Alison's Block of the Month by Rosalie Decker, which she has been working on whilst waiting at hospital visits

This is going to be a beauty
         And another Rosalie Decker pattern that Pam is using to get her fingers working after her stroke earlier this year.                                    

It's coming on great Pam !
        Barbara is adding more thread to her Gone Pear-shaped project                                        
 Lynda is on the final stitches of a Coat-Hanger cover which is a gift for the Scottish part of her family
 Jo spent the afternoon marking out her blocks ready to make (yet another) High Tea Crochet Fusion quilt
lots of these being made

 Elaine has embarked on a City And Guilds course and Somerset Folded patchwork is one of her assignments

 Muriel has gone onto dressmaking

 June had made a little sewing kit for a Niece who is off to Uni
 Kathy is using some pretty fabrics to EPP a new creation

 Jackie has fussy cut some of the wedges on her Dresden Plate
 Jan is rolling back the years on this one!  Its been ages since we did the Japanese Folded pieces. I think this will make a bag.

 Chris was practicing her hand quilting
 Sheila is working a cross stitch 

 Janis is also hand quilting
 but has a way to go to finish 😯
 Brenda has made a bag that was supposed to be a gift, but she likes it so much that she is keeping this one and will make another one. I hope she doesn't like that one too 😧
 Bridget has also made a gift. This is for a friend who has very little sight left, hence the bright colours


On Mon 16th Oct  Annette will be showing how to make this sweet Snappy Bag 
 The Hexi Flex Frames for this bag will need to be ordered by 18th September and MUST be pre-paid at a cost of around £6 

Please let me know if you would like a frame (or more than one)  as soon as possible