Monday, 22 September 2014

A Bit Late

in posting, but as they say, better late than never!!

I am not quite sure where we are up to, but at the last all day Monday we were continuing with the scrappy theme.  Collapsible  Thread Catchers were the most popular item being made with a couple of "Fishy" bottle holders being tackled.
Oh! And Alison was making a rather elegant beaded bell that should have taken an hour or so but took all day!  She discovered belatedly that the beads that she was threading onto one end were dropping off the other! Bit like the forth Bridge?
pretty decoration - rubbish photo

 Jo sewing her bottom in
if only it was as easy as that!

 Ellen on a production line

 Carol's finished thread catcher

Here we have a "fish" being sewn
 And one nearly finished

 Lynda however decided to put the time to good use and cut all of her odds and end of white and cream into squares (5", 3 1/2" and 2 1/2 ") ready to us as a pieced background in a future project.
all neat and tidy
 Liz was appliquéing a gift

 And more angels being born. We should have a good display at the Angel Festival in November

 This was being made into a hanging for Stanwick Lakes

 Try as I might, I couldn't fathom WHY Barbara would spend so much time knitting nursery rhyme characters  and bags for them to go in!  She told me they were for a Grand Daughter who teaches pre school and they were for the children to choose the rhyme and create the story. 

we all know this one!
 I take it all back Barbara, there is reason to your Rhyme!!

 Meanwhile our World War 1 creations have been doing the rounds

First at Finedon Flower Festival
 Then at Great Doddington Memorial Weekend
 not such a grand setting but a really good exhibition anyway

 Thank you all who have let me trawl these items round the county. Those items that are being donated for sale will be passed to local British Legion this week, for them to raise funds for the legion

I have missed today's group meeting ( playing with baby O ) and I am not sure if anyone else has taken photos.

Exciting things are planned for next year, so keep an eye out for an updates Diary page

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Scrapping Along

 This evening we were working on smaller scrappy projects .

A couple were working on a pretty tree that will be made into a cushion

 These were fused using Bondaweb
 They will be sewn down using a blanket stitch

We also had a design using "wonky" hearts.
 This will also be made into  cushion

And then there were the Collapsible Thread Catchers - a simple project  that should take an hour or so to do. Not with this lot .  Well it did take a bit longer,  but we did get a couple of finishes, and lots nearly there
Does any one know what a "numpty" is?  No? Well we have a few at our group.

(They all know what one is now!!!)

I am sure that most of the problems are due to TOO MUCH TALKING!  But we are there to enjoy ourselves, so not complaining really.

The conversation did deteriorate at the end of the evening - but I really cannot tell you why here. 

In the sensible part of the room-------

Susan had finished her sewing companion

And Elizabeth has nearly finished an Eye Spy type quilt.
This will be taken to Rwanda by her daughter, who is travelling on a teacher exchange. We wish Julia much Good Luck. Hopefully we will have a photo of the quilt in situ and a bit of a story to go with it.

Monday will be an All Day Scrap Day  - we will be making similar projects to tonight. Just hope that we don't have so much trouble!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back - Refreshed and Ready for Work

Or some of us were. Wednesday evening meetings have resumed after a short summer break.

Whilst they may have been away from group, it doesn't mean that they have been slacking

Jackie had finished (yet another) quilt, this is one af three that she is making for a family of sisters. The girls have chosen their fabrics and Jackie is left to interpret their requests.
This request was for a vintage style.
 And this was the stunning fabric she used on the back!

Sue had designed her own quilt too
lucky person to sleep under this
 And Nicki had finished a childrens quilt that we have see in stages before.
Nice and bright
 Nesta had a bit of a scowl on her face when she came in. Her lovely son had brought some fabrics back from on of his many trips to Burma. He is a doctor, and has travelled there for some years, gets sneaked across the border, treats remote villagers and then sneaks out again. Things are better now that they have opened the borders. Anyway, he brought back a selection of ethnic fabrics that - well - are not to Nesta's tastes!

Well , a note pad and pen and a couple of sketched options have given her a project for the winter, and this will adorn said sons bed. It will be lovely - TRUST ME!

Annie Angel keeps appearing (as angels do) in various costumes

Beverley has a new grandchild due shortly. The family lives in New Zealand so pieces have been made and will be sent off at the beginning of next week, so as to arrive in time to welcome the little one.

One item was a beautiful knitted shawl
 And another is Robbie Rocking Horse

Isn't he a corker!!
 Next Wednesday we are having a "Scrappy" evening, so suggested projects were on display and choices have been made. Seems like we have a lot of these will have to be consumed before
all will be revealed

I have a picture of a GIANT Dorset Button to show you, but I am going to keep it till another time. I want to get another picture with something else in so you will see the scale.

One of our members is "wandering' around the U S of A at this point in time. Pop over to her blog and see what she has been up to 

Monday, 1 September 2014

A Lot of Chatting

 going on at group today. Perhaps it was people catching up after the summer absences or maybe just avoiding getting on with what needs doing. I for one had taken an empty bag so no sewing for me!!

There is a Host of angels being made around the room. We should have the required  hoped for 100 of the little beauties ready for the Angel Festival at the church in November.
lots of different fabrics

 Chris was sewing squares for a Linus quilt

 Kay is on the final page of her quiet book. This may have put off doing a blanket stitch ever again!
 Sue has started a Christmas wall-hanging that we did at group a couple of years ago

 Carol has made these lovely Cathedral Window and Lace decorations.  She is teaching these later this year at her lace-making classes

 Shirley was catching up with the Celtic printing that we did a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately she missed this class so Ena was in charge of instructions today!
good luck with that Shirley!!

Toni has several rows of hexagons and we will see what this will be later.

 Barbara is stitching a rather pretty Red-Work cushion front

 And Annette was stitching another embroidered block on her block of the month Antique Sewing Machine quilt.

 Pam is on anther block of her "Be Attitudes" quilt. I am looking forward to seeing this one completed.

 And you remember the beaded smocking that Ena was making?  Well there is just a bit of sorting out with the size of polystyrene ball to go in it and then it will be ready to hang on her Christmas tree!
nearly there

 And just to show that I haven't been idling my time away, this quilt was made on the Bank Holiday weekend - start to finish. It has already been posted of to the new parents (who are both in the "force")  I had great fun making it and I hope they are pleased with it.
 Thank goodness for rainy days!!

Don't forget to sort out your scraps for the next "Project day" (Wednesday 10th & Monday 15th Sept) items for you to choose from are a group to view. There will be lots more too so  you can be sure to take home a finished piece.

Tickets for Alexander Palace on 12th October are still available - open to non-members too