Wednesday, 15 July 2020

So, Have You Been Out Yet?

 No?  Me neither.  Well apart from seeing the family. I am getting used to this staying at home malarky

And now we are all making masks so that we can venture out if we so wish.  Or maybe you are the sensible ones and have been wearing one from the start!  Well done you!

A few members have sent through photos of things that they have made during this isolation time. 

 Ellen is running a sweat shop .....

 And is now all ready

 for Christmas!!!

 Jan has been sewing these pretty hexagons and has now finished her quilt

such pretty colours

 Maria has sewn the squares for a new High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt and will be ready to add the crochet borders soon

 Debbie has been playing with some bead-work
 Just stunning!!
4" high!!

 Jo has made LOADS more of the Scrubs for the hub

But has taken a bit of time out to join in the latest Style-craft Crochet-A- Long  
Not for the faint hearted I think but it is beautiful. A free pattern if you fancy having a go 
 June as always, has been busy too.  A lovely baby quilt

 and some knitting to keep her out of trouble

 Shirley is getting a reputation as a Bag Lady

 and a well deserved title too. They are lovely.

 Annette is getting through her pile of unfinished items - a sweet baby quilt can be ticked off her list

 Sue has added another round to her Quilters Guild Round Robin sampler
 And has tried her hand at dressmaking too
Well Done Sue
 Lesley has made a reading cushion birthday gift to match a birth quilt gifted last year.

 and went back to an old tutorial from 2010 by Ayumi Mills at Pink Penguin

 and got a bit carried away 😳

 If you are looking for a little something to do, pop over HERE  she has some sweet small projects to keep you busy.

 I have to clear out the cupboard at group so that some work can be done.  The Linus quilts have been isolating for months and will be collected and distributed shortly.  
 If you personally have any items in the cupboard, please let me know, as I will use this as a good opportunity to have a jolly good clear out .