Saturday, 28 March 2020

Keeping in Touch

Good Morning Ladies

I hope that you are all coping with the confinement.

Aren't we lucky that the weather has been so good.  Lots being done in the garden and sewing projects saved until the wet weather returns.  We know it won't be long 😳

We have set up at Whatssap Group for those of you that might like to keep up to date with members - just reply to the email with your mobile number.

It was suggested that as a group we could do a Sew Along project so I have set out a block that you can make any size you like.  I will be doing 8" blocks  - you can adjust the size if you wish .

You don't need to buy fabric for this - I will be using my scrap box.  Anything goes - really - don't get all matchy matchy - you will need light and dark/medium colours  just cut some squares and drop into a box then grab and sew! 

 this one looks co-ordinated,  only because it is leftover from a project I have just finished - I will
unpick the block and mix it into my scraps
Mock up of a block
For Each 8" finished Block you will need
 8 x Half Square Triangle units
 8 x Four Patch units

Cut the squares for the Four Patch units 1½"  - you could cut 1½" strips and cross cut pairs of squares

Cut  Squares for the Half Square Triangle units 2 ⅞"

I am sure that you all know the quick HST method but if you don't..... 

Take one light square and draw a pencil line  diagonally across on the wrong side.  Place the light square (Right Side Together) with a dark square.  Stitch on the light square 1/4" either side of the drawn line.  Cut along your drawn line and Hey Presto!  You have two HST units.  

Let me know - or send a picture of your blocks if you are joining in - 
I am getting started cutting today and sewing tomorrow  (who am I kidding 😳- I have a box full of HST units from previous projects ) 

Meanwhile a couple of photos from members keeping busy ...

Shirley has made a Jelly Roll rug (she purchased the wadding strips last August !!)
 She has also made a non slip foot pedal mat
 Jo has finished the top of her Winter Wonderland Redwork quilt
Must finish mine 😳
 Debbie has been cracking on with a crochet blanket that she is making 

Lynda is ready to quilt this baby quilt...

And has begun the applique for the next one 
again - a last August acquisition! 

  One of the bonuses of the isolation period are the jokes and Memes that are being circulated (some of which I dare not put here 😯) but this one made me giggle 

And if you really fancy a beautiful project go over to Laundry Basket Quilts 
   They have started a Mystery Quilt along  - it is 100 blocks (only 6") with video instruction

It's OK to start two new projects - yes??

 Please send photos via email to and we will keep everyone motivated to show off 😜

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Its Been a Funny Old Week

And not in a good way.  😟

We started off with a really lovely workshop and we managed to produce some really cute creatures.

 Emma, the tutor, made the day seem so relaxed and we stabbed away at the raw wool, giggled and chatted and Hey Presto!! we have a little cutie sitting on our table.

 I had a nice walk home in the (cold) sunshine, the phone rang and my dear son told me to switch on the TV to hear a news report 😱

After consulting with some of my committee, we all agreed that we must follow the advice that the government and scientists are giving

And now we are all at home, socially distancing ourselves in the hope of stopping the spread of this nasty we bug COVID19  😷😮

We were supposed to have had our Challenge reveal in a week or so, but that has been postponed, so hopefully when we come out the other side ALL of the items will be finished!!!

There is no point in popping out to the shops - there is nothing left on the shelves 😠

The world has gone mad

I am spending this home time eother in the garden, where there is much to do, or sewing, where there is even more to do .

I will check in here regularly whilst this crisis is amongst us, posting some of the backlog of photos that I have taken.

Stay safe, wash your hands and don't stockpile loo roll (Do folk not understand what a respiratory illness is)  !!!!!! 😲😆😆😆