Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sweat Shop Production!

 Not that they were pushed to work hard - but it was ....... a touch warm at the Workshop Day

Things started very promptly and the ladies having pre-cut all of their pieces helped with that.

 Sewing machines out and threaded up and the first step of making a Fold and Stitch Wreath commenced

 It also helped that someone had cut out all of the wadding squares too

 All 228 of them!!

 Anyway - sewing commenced

and a bit of snipping

And then the pressing

 Et Voila

we had some fabulous Fold and Stitch wreaths finished in a whoosh 



 there is so much I could tell you about Kathy's --- Lets just say she kept is entertained



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 there were some more that were not quite finished, but I am sure that we will see many more of these over the coming weeks.
Well Done Ladies

Looking forward to seeing the Wednesday girls wreaths too.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Weeks Review

 Rosemary is producing lots of small items,

A Victorian pouch (I keep my thimbles in mine)
  and some of the nice little Zippy Purses
 Sue is making a cushion to match the quilt that we saw a couple of weeks ago

 Linda has made some hand dyed squares

 that have information on the back - these are for her City & Guilds project
 Bernice is doing a TINY embroidery!
 Elizabeth has finished another lovely quilt
 And Gill and Bernice had their Cathedral Window Needle-cases to show completed

 Elaine was working of a felt toy kit

 and also had a cute Crochet kit to start on

 Kim has started an Applique Quilt - we will see this in progress over the next few weeks

It was nice to see Sue back with us and she is catching up with her Collage Creation

 Jan has also started an Applique Quilt

 There was a lot of Hexagons in various stages

They do make a very portable project to bring to group 

Fran had been given a day off from Granny Duties and spent ...... quite a bit of time catching up with friends, but she did get ... a bit of sewing done!

 Elaine was pleased to be adding the finishing touches to her Woven Basket

 Bridget had finished the first block in her Block of the Month Quilt

 and had started on the second

This was the first picture I took, and try as I might, I can't think whose it was!!  
But it is a lovely embroidered piece that will become our ever popular Hussuff

 Mrs Beal brought in a very pretty quilt that her lovely Daughter In Law has made for Project Linus.

She has used darling fabrics and the coziest soft Minky to back it with. Some lucky little girl will be able to call this her own.  Thank you Mrs B's DIL!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Some Pretty Finishes

 That includes this darling porcelain doll that Jo has knitted a beaded skirt for - and yes - Whatever Next !!!

Very Elegant
 Mrs Beal has at last finished her County of Northamptonshire. 

 This was started when she retired - ages ago - (certainly in the NINETIES!!!)  so this is a good job well done!

 More of the cute little bunny cuddlies

 Lots of crochet and knitting going on in our Patchwork group, but I couldn't resist a pic of this Mustard colour yarn that Ellen was using -  I just Love this colour

 I think that Carol is the Mum of this cute Chicken

 And Toni's lovely pink Pig
 Lynda was adding MORE fabrics to her Collage piece - a fan of Flower Power here.
 And another finished Collage that has been made into a cushion

 More Flower Power by Pauline who is making a quilt with hers
 Annette is smocking little dresses for her twin Grand Daughters

so pretty
 Brenda has completed one of the Linus Blocks that the Quilters Guild will be putting together at Festival of Quilts in August

 And Bernice has finished her Wednesday evening Cathedral Window Needle-case project

On the Diary Page I have added the requirements for July's Fold and Stitch Wreath Project day - Should have the sample at group next week .