Monday, 29 February 2016

At Last!!!

 Bridget has finished something!!!

An they were worth waiting for don't you think?
Her gold-work panel
 And this is from the stunning stitch class that we did at group last year. She kept adding to it and then was so please it will take pride of place in her home. Well done Bridget - beautiful !

 Jan has made a rather nice bag that will be gifted this week. The cat fabric was a gift from Eileen.

 Pauline is stitching a lovely winter panel

 Shirley is using her lovely scissor keeper and is on a mission

 making these pretty scissor charms
 and is keeping all her beads and bits in this pretty bag.
 She has offered to show us how to make them on our "Four Corners " day in June. I think we should take her up on that, don't you ladies?
 Ellen is stitching some pretty panels that will make Easter gifts
 Maureen ........ well Maureen was not doing much that was constructive today!

one minute it was fine and the next - a nest!
 Linda has started ( a bit later than everyone else) her version of the "Hussuff"
 Brenda is working down her stash and is binding a larger boys Linus quilt.
 June has used her very nice embroidery machine to decorate some linen
so delicate
 and is now working on a chunky log cabin that she think will end up as a cushion
 Muriel has another purple Foundation Pieced block to add to her collection
 And Glenys' little embroidery is progressing nicely
 Fran has a commission piece for her church. This will be one panel added to a piece that will hang behind the font
some will be embroidered and some appliqué
 Jane is making decorations for an upcoming wedding reception
 We seem to have quite a few paper pieced projects going on around the room. They do make for easily portable projects.

 Chris has started on next years Linus quilts using some novelty fabrics

trust me - it will take her a year!
 Lynda has made several of these project bags and gave the as Christmas gifts, but she decided that she needed something to carry her Hexagon project in, so ran one up for herself.
A really useful little bag and she found the pattern over on Pinterest where you can find an idea for ..... anything!!!

Some of our ladies are in an on-line Challenge group . Today was their "reveal" day for the February Challenge

Jo's - blogged here
 Angie - who never likes messing around with bits is excelling herself with these Mini's
Carol had a bit of a hiccup to start with but came through in the end

Carol's blogged here
 Lynda's is really a mini ending 8" square

 Lesley took the Pineapple Log Cabin quite literally!
Lesley's blogged here
 And we now await the instructions for next months Challenge. Its only a bit of fun and you can dip in and out as you please. Pop over here if you fancy joining them
 The pattern came from this blog post

 The last few Linus quilts have been added to the pile., with maybe a few more on Wednesday evening. To date we have 168 Linus quilts to be delivered next week!
I'm not sure if this is a record but as always, you ladies have excelled yourselves, Thank You.

As we are on the Charity theme, you will all know that we are going to fill as many shoe boxes as we can this year, with them being sent off mid November. We have a list of items that can be added to the boxes and this includes woolly hats.  We have found this free pattern and someone is in production, (trying to use all those bits up). If you fancy having a go we will collect the hats up any-time during the year.

and here is a simple knit pattern if that's more your thing.

Here is a picture of the bottle bags that Helen is teaching us on our March all day
The requirements list is on the diary page and we also have pictures of some of the other project days that have been arranged.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

More Linus Makes

We had lots more Linus quilts being finished at group on Wednesday, some being quilted and some being bound. Because we only have a couple of hours on a Wednesday, many of the ladies have been making at home and bringing to group to finish.

I'm not sure how many there were, but well into the 30's so when added together we will definitely have more than 100 Linus quilts to be delivered to the rep in a couple of weeks

Lots of different design ideas, and I will just let you browse this selection 

 A couple of other projects around the room

Maggie's book bag

 Nesta is making Half Square Triangles
Carol is working on an embroidered piece

Make sure your quilt has a Linus label attached - we have a stock of labels at group.

We will be delivering the quilts to the Linus co-ordinator on the 5th March so all finished quilts to be at group

 Wednesday 2nd March PLEASE!
which will give you a couple of weeks to get those clocks made !!!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Our Annual Linus Day

 Well, the weather may have turned a bit chillier but it was like a sweat shop at Group today!!
We had our Annual Project Linus ( locally known as a Dorothy Day)  and this time we were concentrating on incubator size quilts though there were some that were for a bigger child.

Lots of cutting
 Sewing ...

 and finishing was being done
Chris sewed on a label for Kay

Kay finishing another one

Shirley on piecework

Maureen adding some hand quilting

Ellen using a pretty panel
Sun Bonnet Sue was Carole's choice
 Christine has not been with us for some time, but came along with 9 quilts that she had made, some of which sported some beautiful embroidery designs. (Christine has a fancy machine)

Alison used brushed fabric with a fleece backing

Annette made 2 with pretty prints

Linda's is almost there!
good old Pauline was sewing bindings and labels
 We ended up with 63 completed quilts on the day with more to be tweaked, with bindings and labels to finish off

 More to come on Wednesday!

We will be delivering the quilts to the Linus co-ordinator on the 5th March so all finished quilts to be at group
 Wednesday 2nd March PLEASE!

which will give you a couple of weeks to get those clocks made !!!