Friday, 30 December 2011


Diane was inspired to make more mug rugs to give a Christmas gifts
Looks like she may not have been Christmas shopping yet!

And on our final day at group before the break, our youngest member, Hope, finished the cushion that she has made for her Mum . Well done Hope, the cupcake looks scrummy!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Our Christmas Project

I know that it's a bit late but I have had a proper Christmas break!
We now can reveal our efforts at a group meeting just before Christmas
We all made a cute little mug rug

Most did the little tree , but we had a couple of renegades that added a birdie!

Hard at work

But pleased with the results!

Positively proud of the evenings achievements
And then we all had a lucky dip to receive a lovely mug to go with the mug rug! How neat is that?  Plus there was a bit of a challenge for the New Year - ( there always is a catch!)

Looking forward to the New Year girls. Hope you all have some great ideas for us all to tackle.

Happy New Year to all our members and followers too!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas is coming!!

Well!  What a successful day we had on Monday. A little project for all to do. I must say the ladies are all up for whatever we throw at them.
Remains of Lunch

A fabulous Bring & Share lunch.
Look at those desserts!

And then a little surprise to reward  all the hard work - and believe me it was hard work for some.

And here is a photo of our efforts ---

You don't think we are going to give the game away do you?!?
Check back after the Wednesday Ladies have had their turn at all the fun.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Look at these!!!

Just look at these!!!   Now you just have to ask yourself.......who has too much time on their hands, or do they love someone so much that making these was a labour of love.

Wouldn't you just love to go to tea.... I certainly would.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Next week (Monday 12 December) is going to be our 'all day', and there will be a bit of a project for you all to tackle.  You will be given some fabrics, but please could you bring along some scraps of your own fabrics, about 6 different fabrics no smaller than 1" x 3.5".  Bring along your sewing machine, and all your usual sewing helpmates i.e. needles, scissors, thread.

Lunch will be a 'bring and share', so lets all have fun.

Hope I've remembered to tell you everything, see you Monday.

Monday, 28 November 2011

28 November 2011

What was going on today...... well, have to be honest and tell you that not a lot got done in our corner, but that's nothing new.  We did have a bit of a lesson on the computer......well Lynda did, then Lesley and Jo sort of took over playing on the internet, Lynda  got bored, so the laptop was put away.

There was quite a lot of interesting things going on in other places
I'm sure Angela did more than just thread the needle...can you see more of those hexies getting ready to add to the grandmothers flower garden quilt??  Oops! I have cut off someone's head, but at least you can see what is being made there.
Mmmmm those cushions look interesting, and almost finished to boot.
Working on their long and short embroidery.  Colleen looks busy, but Toni really isn't paying attention..... in fact is she working at all??????? ...must get that whip out.
You put a Ferrero Rocher chocolate inside this Christmas pudding....... Even I could not believe the talent and patients of these ladies.  How chuffed would you be to see this on your Christmas table....Just love it.
Kay has been playing with paper again.... looks good doesn't it???
More embroidery ...look at that cute little Teddy, and knitting to keep someone warm.
 Proudly showing their finished cushion tops...well done ladies

This is to hold pins collected in America, such a great idea and looks wonderful.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

For those of you paying attention

For those of you paying attention, you can have a preview of the finished (secret) quilt.
Not sure you can see the binding, but it does look fine I promise.

Monday, 21 November 2011

November 21. Our 'all day' week

The misty morning did not stop us die hard's making our way to group.  Today is our all day session at group, so potatoes are in the oven, massive tea urn is on and ready to boil, tables set, and we are ready to roll and make some Christmas Cards.

I thought Shirley was going to be 'teacher' today, but I was wrong..... Kay is going to show all how to make these little gems.  Shirley did help by getting the 'cut out' cards, so thanks Shirley.

Everyone is ready to go...

Not everyone was making cards, but Kay seems to be organising (or just observing) other Christmas goodies with this group.

Do you know Pauline kept that scarf on all day ......I think she wasn't working hard enough

These are just a few of the cards, made by the ladies today, big THANK YOU  to Kay.  Lovely arn't they?

This is something else that was being worked on while most of the ladies were making cards....I must say a lot of huffing and chuffing as well as a lot of laughter went on in this corner through the morning..... thank goodness for the 'quick unpick'.  I think its looking good though, don't you?  I'd like to tell you more about it, but if I did I would have to kill will learn more in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

14 November

Another happy Monday afternoon

Last week I didn't get any photos of  the work going on, so this week I was a bit snap happy which seemed to put a shocked look on poor 'Mrs Beal's' face, but you can see one of the crochet blanket that surely will come in handy if we get the winter that we have been warned about.


Tapestries ready to have a few stitches added once the world has been put to right....lets get our priorities right.

These busy bees are working towards some great Christmas wall hangings ...or may be cushions, but definitely Christmas is in the air.

This I am assured just took a couple of days to make. Save all your scraps of batting, cut it into 4" squares and keep in a safe place (this took more than a couple of days, more like a year, but we didn't count that), next fabric was cut into 5" squares and sandwiched, ( fabric face down, then batting, then fabric face up).  

I was not really paying total attention (so off to the naughty step for me), but I think the next step was to stitch a big cross through all layers, you then stitch the 5"square layers together in rows with a 1/2" seam allowance (randomly if you can do random).  Once the quilt is together, you sit comfortably and snip the 1/2" seam to give the frayed look.  You can then have a 'Ta dah' moment just like Lynda, and a cosy quilt to boot. 

These are what's planned for our 'all day' session next week.  Shirley is running this, and will have the cut out cards for sale on the day.  Hope you took down your requirements, but I am sure if you bring along your scraps of Christmas fabric, perhaps some double sided tape, and maybe some glue and usual sewing bits, I am sure you could play along.

See you all next week.

Monday, 7 November 2011

7th November

What a miserable day, definitely typical November grey wet day.
So what should you do on a day like this....Yes, come out for the afternoon for some sewing chatting and a bit of a laugh with friends.

Carol brought her laptop so we could see a slide show of the quilt exhibition.  Carols husband had taken the photos, and  now put them onto a slide show to music.  Thanks so much, everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing those wonderful quilts again.

There seemed to be lots of work going on today, but of course I forgot the camera.  There were more filigree  trees making an appearance, and I did notice little trees in pottery pots cute.  A couple of folk seemed to be working on the Grandmothers garden quilt (that had been given to the group to finish some time ago) it will be truly stunning once its altogether ...bit of a mission, but worth it.  I also spied some crochet blankets being made, cushions being finished, some embroidery, and also some playing on the internet......see we are a very versatile bunch.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

October 30th Exhibition Day 2

I visited the exhibition today, and thought I would add a couple more photos

  this was before the crowds arrived ....... you think I am joking

Do you remember our Challenge at the end of  2010?  well, here are some of the blocks....don't they look good???  Once we get the green blocks added it will look stunning.  Shame it was next to the notice  board.

We had fun making boxes on one of our 'all days'

Remember the sampler quilts, well here is a sample as many of us have not finished .

Another 'all day' we made patchwork dresses,

These were all made by the Wednesday evening ladies,    aren't they great..I want I want

On the last 'all day' we made these little filigree trees.
The sales table...... lots here to buy.

A group of feathered friends keeping an eye on matters

It not just quilts that we make

The Bede House. Not where we normally meet but an architecturaly stunning building for a Exhibition 

The exhibition ended with our cushion raffle.  There had been 65 cushions donated by our ladies, and lots of folk came back to claim their favourite.  

Lots of ladies came to help clear up, and let me tell you, it was a lot quicker clearing everything away than it took to build the exhibition on Friday evening.  

BIG THANKS  to all that helped over the last few days, you are too many to mention but you all know who you are.

STOP PRESS ! We have raised the fantastic amount of £2052.65. Well Done Ladies!!  £845.76 has been paid for young Matthews new bed. News on our other donation will follow shortly. 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Some of the Wednesday Girls Christmas hangings! Don't they look great

Well done ladies! A fabulous first day to the Exhibition. We had over 200 paying visitors through the door. The compliments have been coming thick and fast. The sales table are doing a roaring trade as usual and the refreshments have been scrummy! Here is a little peek if you haven't made it so far. Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.
A liitle bit of Christmas. See the folded Christmas trees that Ena showed us last week?
A sight to behold when you open the door!
Ann & Linda in the corner selling the Cushion raffle tickets. I think that there will be quite a few there at 4.00 tomorrow for the draw so they can pick their favourite.
If you haven't been yet, do try to come tomorrow. It's well worth the visit!
Thank you to Albert  & Ann for the photography. More tomorrow!!