Sunday, 7 June 2020

Still In Isolation......

How are we all coping?  It's been quiet on the Whatssap front and not many views here. I seem to have lost the art of waffling on about nothing, but I am going to try again.

Elaine has been very busy making Crumb Blocks

And her very organised Isewlation quilt
Love the sharpness of this

Ellen has been using up her odds and ends and has made this pretty bag

This Christmas box

An Angel

And wool scraps to make a knee rug for the winter

June is preparing for Christmas too, and has made this little chap
and this cutie too.  I wonder if this was a kit?

LOTS and Lots of masks being made

Ellen's mask factory
And these three models are auditioning for the remake of Silence of the Lambs 不不不不不不

Lesley sent off another baby quilt

and made lots of bunting for the VE Day celebrations

Debbie has been very busy too 

She doesn't have a bookshelf  as a backdrop but she does have drawers
A finished crochet blanket

and a different shape mask
Keep up the good work Debbie

Jo and Liz are still making sets of Scrubs for Scrubs up for Northants


Well done ladies

Some more quilt pictures this time from Annette, who has been working on these lovely  antique sewing machine embroidered blocks

 and used the left over fabrics to piece a backing too

 Lynda has been rummaging in her scrap boxes and has finished her Isewlation quilt
so effective!

 It doesn't look like Group will be meeting up again anytime soon, but I am sure that you have all been busy sewing and knitting. 

Send your photos to and I promise that I will update the blog again next week

If you want to be added to the Whatssap group send your mobile number by email and I will get you added there. 

Stay Safe xx