Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WOW!ND Wobin

 Back in the start of the year, Chris thought it would be nice if we took part in a "Round Robin". You can see the start of the project here.
Eleven ladies took part with stage one being a square no smaller than 12" and no larger than 18"

Chris's idea that has blossomed

Each month one of the group has added a border to another members quilt. No peeking has been allowed!

This evening the BIG REVEAL! took place.

What do you think?

The first "round" had to include triangles

The second "round" had to include Applique

The third "round" had to include rectangles

And the final "round" was a free choice.

I can tell you that there were a few dropped jaws when we saw them!

A closer look

inspection of work?
And the pageant line up is ...



Sally ( even wore co-ordinating jacket!)









I think they all look fabulous and the ladies were all so pleased with them.

Now the challenge will be to get them completed for another show and tell at Christmas!  Get going ladies!

A great big "THANK YOU" to Chris for sorting this out for us. It was fun to take part in, challenging to work with other peoples colour choices, and really exciting to see the results!

Please add your comments, we would love to know what you think

Oh, and another fabulous Anja Townrow book cover has been completed, well done Diane


Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday dear Ena, Happy Birthday to you.  Ena is one of the 'youngest' at heart in our group, so it seemed only fair to celebrate with her....

Ena said this was the biggest cake she had cut since her wedding

Think we got the photo right... 
Congratulations Ena, hope we can share many many more of your birthdays.

Can you recognise who has made the self portrait?????

Hi Lynda.
I believe this little witch has been a long while in the making, but she is a rather posh witch and will be ready for Halloween this year.

There was some serious work going on.... Hazel has someone special in mind for this darling quilt.

 Heads down, cut carefully

Bit of Redwork....does that look like Christmas and snowmen creeping in????

and these have been made with love for a special little boy

 Little bit of 'special' machine embroidery.....well, you have to have something to add up don't you???

Ellen is making 14 or 15 of these for the local Rainbows group

6 down..... almost halfway
and Maureen is making 'pillowcase' dresses that will be sent to Africa...  yes, they are just made from pillowcases.

Witch watching on...Love that daisy

And last but not least, the ladies have been working on their 'all day' workshop projects...

Eileen made hers into a cushion

One Cushion, Two mats completed and one another mat almost finished 
Still some more work to do on some of these, but really proud to see so many being worked on... well done ladies.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Monday, 17 September 2012

What a day we had!!!

What a day we had today.  Penny Mackenzie came with lots to show us, and lots for us to attempt.  With her skills she talked us through, and set us all to work on a Christmas table centre.... or for those that wanted a smaller project .. coasters.  

 Penny explained that she likes to use soft vilene and draw her pattern on, that way she never has to battle with getting paper from the back of her completed work.  It is very important to draw your patterns carefully, and these projects could be machine stitched or hand stitched.

Very nicely drawn
Choosing colours is always the difficult bit, but they look good Toni

Now to begin..

 Growing gradually

Bigger and bigger

Almost finished

Well done everyone, do you think we could get to see these completed next week???

Once again I think we have had a very successful 'all day' at Highampiecemakers, and many thanks  has to go to Penny.