Monday, 30 July 2012

Quilts quilts and more quilts, with lots more besides.

Lots and lots going on this week.

Even these two seem to be getting on with some work.....
At least the needle is threaded.
 Angie is working on her reindeer as part of her Christmas quilt.
Good job she washed behind her ears.....

 Pam and Betty are also making some of their blocks..... looks like a gingerbread house from Betty, but not sure of Pam's one.
 We have a flock of birds from Sheila
hope they don't all fly away
 Glennis is working on her cross stitch.....hope we see this again to see how it grows.
Very colourful
 Ena has been working on her smocking sampler and changing it into a bright beautiful cushion
Love that binding.
 Ellen and Toni are mass producing the clear zipper bags that were part of the all day workshop
London fabrics!!! they should be selling them outside the Olympic Village
Quilts quilts and more quilts....

these are just the beginning of Ann's (Mrs Beals) 'quilt as you go' 

60 blocks done, just another 30 to go..
 Chris is making this baby quilt in '30's fabric..... such sweet fabrics and colours
Just look at that scalloped edge.. 
 June has just finished her 'Layer Cake' quilt......started on 4 July,

Pretty fabrics
 Now Murial's quilt took a little longer than June's.  This was part of the block of the month quilts that were started about 2 1/2 years ago, but remember these quilts were all hand pieced and this one has also been hand quilted.

This photo should be showing you the back of the quilt and the detail of the hand quilting, but it looks more like a photo of rear of the year.
 Last Saturday at our LQS here some of these book covers were created....... smart aren't they.

If you fancy making one, maybe there may be a place available in September, check it out here

Goodness what a lot of creative folk we have in our group?

Monday, 23 July 2012

What a perfect Day.....

'What a perfect day' isn't that the title of a song? Well it certainly summed up this Monday.  Beautiful blue skies, the 'likes of which' we have not seen for months (maybe years), warm, sunny and an afternoon of sewing and chatting at our group.

So how were the busy bees today......

Some Chenille in progress. 

Val's baby quilt looks almost finished

and this one only needs the binding....... 

I was supposed to cut off the bottom of this quilt, instead I cut off one of the sides Duh!!!!!!!

Kay seems to be working on a Poinsettia ---- is this for her Christmas quilt?? Oh goodness does that mean I am another block behind!!!
More of those beautiful appliquéd flower blocks, and I can just spy one of Liz's sweet little bunnies.

Golden Wedding cushion
 What a super gift this cushion makes.  Great work Jan
Dianne busy making for charity 

Who would guess that we have these two beavering away and gaining brownie points for remembering what to do and when to do it........

Heads down and concentrating

 Well, with a little help from their friend.....Lynda

But look, all finished in one afternoon------ would you 'Adam and Eve' it ------ maybe not such a 'cock up' corner!!!!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Four Corners Day

Once or twice a year we have a day where each section of the room will "teach" a small project. We usually do one project in the morning and one in the afternoon, with a choice of which "corner" you will work in.  This time, we decided that the whole room would be able to complete all of the projects in the day so away we went.
This doesn't bode well for the day?

The first project was a small plastic fronted zipper pouch. Nothing too taxing here?

About 7" long.

How wrong could you be!?!  What should have taken about an hour took three! Trouble from the usual suspects causes chaos through the room.

You know who you are!

 Far too much chatting and giggling goes on in some places. Anyway, we just about finished the pouch before lunch.

Zip is in and now just top stitching


So after some of this

and a slug of this, 

we got on with the other three items.

Maureen showed us how to make a book cover. This took no time at all (for some).
 And then Ena had a sensible moment and showed us how to make some pretty little birds.
Muriel has a whole flock of them
These can be strung together too

Ann has joined hers

Then after Lynda had had a little nap
she had had a tough morning!
 Well she had been busy .....
I think she had hoped to get the binding on today!
 We carried on and made a stripy bag. This pattern can be found here. Its called a Sweet Treat Bag
Muriel nearly finished

Toni made hers with Jelly Roll strips
Carol used the 1½" strips 

So all in all we had a good day and did produce some pretty little things.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Projects for Monday 16th July - All Day

On our all day this month we will be making four small items.

 Please bring pieces ready cut so we can get straight on to the exciting bit!! This should all be able to be cut from scraps. 

1 - Wallet - Cut (2) 1½ "  x 7½ " strips and (1) 6 ½ " x 9" strip
Inside Pocket (1) 5" x 7 ½ " and (1) 5 "x 7 ½ " of Pellon 987F (will be available to buy on the day)
Clear Vinyl  (1) 3 ¾" x 7 ½"

9" zip and a piece of tissue paper. Buttons

2 -Strippy Pouch - (10 ) x 1½" strips by the width of the fabric -
Pellon 987F or fusible wadding measuring 10½" x 42 "

3 - Birds ( for each bird) 5" square for body 2" for beak. Fabric strips or ribbons or string for tail, stuffing ( you could add lavender or cloves to this), thread and beads

4 - A5 bound notebook  - Wadding 10" x 16"  Strips of fabric 10" long by various widths.
Lining 10" x 16" - Pockets 2 pieces 10"x 10" - Fancy threads if you wish to embellish

All small but useful pieces
Get cutting girls!