Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Back in May you may remember that Mrs Beal (Ann to her friends) made a beautiful lap quilt that happened to be for Dudley the Dog...Yes a dog ..... and today she proudly showed us this quilt..


this is for Pebbles the cat...... I know, I know who will she be making for next?  Have to say both quilts are great, and very lucky pets.

Cushions being finished off, wonder if they are going to be wrapped for Christmas?

Lots of pretty  English paper piecing 

and this little work of art (its about 6" square) is going to be some lucky couples ring cushion

Then of course we have only got 4 more weeks to Christmas, so lots of Christmas deco's getting finished.

All coordinated colours..very nice

Who could not 'be joyful' with this hanging around

Buttons and trims 

She has got a lot of ribbon to cut and tie...to get this finished 
Is this for the Christmas wall hanging?

I am sure this is going to be part of Kay's wall hanging.

One of the wall hangings almost completed

Who can resist these tartan slippers???  they even have bells on, so we will hear you coming.

There seems to have been some confusion over the date for our December 'All day'.  I believe we decided to have the all day party on the 10th (just the second Monday in December) because some folk go away for Christmas and miss out, but be assured we will be open on the following Monday 17 December.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas is coming.....

After setting up all the tables and chairs ready for our all day session 'Gloria' gave us a warm welcome and we certainly welcomed her and long may she continue to heat us.

So, off to work we go..... lots to do and sew today.

Is this a mess or work in progress
No, this is a mess
Is this going to be a mess?

Lots of ribbons and fabric waiting to be cut and tied.   Believe me this is certainly a job to be done in a group with lots of laughter ....
And this is the crowning glory 

I think someone got a bit bored and decided that her wreath had more to do that just hang on the door...... anyone know a wedding she can go to.

But this was the final count down.......look good don't they
Someone is good at tying bows....thank you Glennys

Other Christmas items being made were...

Coasters, table napkins, and Christmas tags

Tea Cosy almost finished 
and who can resist a Dove
And then we have a cute Owl "sleep over bag" being made for one lucky grand daughter. Pockets for all the things a girl need and room for PJ's and a favourite pillow inside.
An elegant advent calendar panel to be finished before the end of the month

A couple of not quite finished Christmas cathedral window cushions made at a workshop with Helen Spence at a LQS. Looking forward to seeing these completed.

And a very healthy display of the assorted items that have been made today.

A big "Thank You" to the ladies who brought us the ideas and created the samples for us to see. A big success I think.

Well done ladies!!

PS. We have adjusted our settings so now you do not have to sign in for "Comments" - just add you comment and use the drop down box to enter "anonymous".  Go on - give it a go!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Our New Best Friend!

 I have pleasure in announcing the arrival of GLORIA! She may be young but she's very HOT!

It was lovely to be back at the Hensman Hall in glorious warmth.

Lots of things to be done starting with Rosemary needing to baste a quilt - and she needed some help so she waved her wand and ---
Izzy Whizzy

 No not these little helpers but --

 All hands on deck and basting was done in a trice. Rosemary just had to sit back and relax.   ;) winking

Brenda finished stitching down the binding on a quilt that she made in a workshop at her LQS with Katharine Guerrier - House Blocks with Attitude

She had the quilt Long Arm Quilted with a dragonfly design flitting about the garden

 There was some cross stitching by Hayley - not exactly what we normally do, but time is ticking and this needs finishing.

And talking of time there were lots of stockings being readied for the festive season

Traditional colours,  lots of strips

Piecing one with lots of strips

And a simpler design using the stitches on the sewing machine - looks good doesn't it?
Love the red and white
love the holly leaf

Ena is making some pretty beaded decorations for a very posh tree

Looks at all those little beads
And Jackie is quilting a Jelly Roll quilt that will be a gift for a friend overseas.
William Morris Fabrics

And the hexie fever has spread ----
Pretty little flowers
Nesta has been sewing these little beauties for some time. She can take them with her when she is on babysitting duty for her lovely grandchildren. The idea came from an Australian Patchwork an Quilting Magazine some time ago. The quilt in the magazine had some 11thousand hexagons in it and the project was called "Insanity" ( wonder why?!!)

11thousand of these! Yes - Insanity!

Nesta however is not at all mad and is doing her own thing!

Monday next week is our all day - everyone invited, just bring your Christmas fabrics and your lunch.

See you there

Monday, 12 November 2012

One Last Time!

At our interim venue!
And on a really wet grey day it was nice to be warm and snug.

Thank you to the Bowls Club for making us welcome!

Lots going on as usual with a new member visiting .
Like to catch them young!

Maureen was embellishing a really pretty Christmas panel with beads and bits and then.....
Well you can guess what happened next!!
Nice view of Ena
How did those little beads travel so far!

Anyway -- back to business. Some little dove Christmas decorations also being embellished. 

All glitzy ready for the tree
 Lots of busy stitching on the Christmas Wall Hangings
They have promised a finish for next week
 Looks like Glenis has a bit more to do

And a bit of backward sewing here - but a suggestion from someone could save a lot of time here!

Don't undo it!!

Cute snowmen

 And Chris has put her very different version together. I love this one, very rustic.

And I do have a photo of one finished Christmas hanging but for some reason I can't upload it. I will try later - see if I can sneak it in!

 A little peek at a quilt that is being very beautifully hand quilted. Look forward to seeing that one.

Lots of tiny stitches

Ena put the finishing touches to her foundation pieced table centre
Lots of little Robins

And Ellen is making 50  75  Oh ! HUNDREDS of these little beauties for ...... oops! - can't tell you or it will spoil the surprise!

candy cane delight!

Several girls were finishing Advent calendars, some were panels but Yvonne is designing her own

 Di is still beavering away making items for her daughter to sell on a charity stall at the hospital where her granddaughter was treated.

Pretty needle cases
Keep going Di!
 Such a good cause.

 Someone NOT getting on with her chores. And she is on countdown to a holiday soon too!
A Christmas tree hanging

 Next week we will be back at the Hensman Hall with a new boiler installed and it will also be our all day -  small projects for Christmas. And lots of ideas for things to do too. Thank you Jo, you have been busy!.

I think we have eight or nine items to choose from or do them all if you are a quick worker!

The Wednesday meeting will be at the Hensman ladies.