Monday, 28 January 2013

Lavender Hearts Day.

After the snow came the rain but it doesn't stop us especially when we have a visitor.  Maggie Wise came to the group, and not only did she bring us our Lavender Heart Kits, she brought her shop Yeah!  I am not sure what was bought, but there was a lot of 'Oohing and Arrring' going on.

lots of mini prints and some lovely Liberty print 

Once everyone had poked around the 'shop' we got down to making our Hearts.  Maggie had made up a number of different kits, so just like the kids we are, swapping went on until everyone was thrilled with their packet.

Maggie started us off and it was heads down for the rest of the afternoon.

Busy fingers

They are getting them together
These are some close ups

I think everyone had a great afternoon, and thanks goes to Maggie Wise.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Are we crazy or what!

Yes it has been proved we are crazy..... who in their right mind would go out on the first day of  'real' snowfall this winter!!!  Well, there were a few of us 'stalwarts', and thanks to Lynda (who turned up early) the heating was beginning to warm the hall.  Thanks Lynda for making the effort to keep us warm.

I think this is another UFO but has the promise of getting a bit nearer completion this year. Mind you if the weather stays bad, it will be a nice thing to curl up under while hand quilting.

bit of practice first.

Diane brought in a couple of her wall hangings to show someone (but they were not one of the brave!).

One of Diane's first projects.
Liz has been busy making a table centre for a friend.

Lovely, and look at that binding... well done.
And what can I spy here...... do you see some paint samples?????   Ooh! is this the start of someone's challenge!  You won't see this again until its finished.

Bond-a-web getting to work

 Looks like some thinking going on here......what to do with a button that disappears into the pincushion????

How about a bit of glue...

Now, is this a little late for 2012 or  little early for 2013 Christmas!

So neat.
Don't tell me we have jeans being repaired!

well yes, but with a bit of flair and  Sashiko embroidery

Very posh patching.

Gentle reminder that next week is an 'all day' with a difference, its our first AGM.  

Jo will be resigning from her position of program organiser, but will be around to help her replacement if needed.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year

We certainly welcomed 2013 in with a "hall full of ladies ready to get sewing", and shall I say 'hoping to finish off some of those UFO's'.

Hexie corner is beginning to take shape... this is going to be a cushion for a grand daughter who chose the background fabric.... certainly bright and full of life, probably just like the teenager.

Looking great
Rosie has made this bag and it looks like she is starting on some knitting, maybe we will see that next time

So Cute
What is this going to turn into?  Have a guess and come back in a few weeks to see if you are right.

My guess ...a bag

 Mmmmm this looks interesting....

and so does this
Such pretty colours
Some Candlewicking ...

and a cute embroidery ....goodness we are a talented bunch!

This makes me smile

Shirley is making this "girly" growth chart..

Lovely embellishing

More cushions from Angela

Stars for a Star
 and I believe this is on the list to be finished in 2013....... think it might have been hidden away for a few years.... keep a look out for this in future weeks

There was also some planning going on - for some projects to tempt you with, and some discussions going on regarding our workshop with Maggie Wise, the lady that is going to make the Lavender Hearts with us.  Jo got it all wrong, but Sue was there to put her right  THE DATE FOR MAGGIE is the the 28 January, she will come to the group for the afternoon.

The 'all day' this month is going to be our very first AGM, where you can all vote some new members onto the committee.

Happy New year to all.