Thursday, 30 July 2015

It's Taken An Age

 to get this post uploaded!
Don't know if it's my computer or Blogger,  but it's really tricky getting the photos on here.
I might have to ask my Tech Support. (she won't be happy)
I have had trouble since they "upgraded' IPhoto - I don't know why they did this - it was working beautifully before......


Lots going on again though there seems to be quite a bit of knitting that has sneaked into our sewing group.
Good job we don't expel members for bending the rules - (are there any rules?)
Angie is being tutored to make her first air of socks. She will be using a very short circular needle which should prove easier that knitting on 4 DPN's.
we shall see....
 Pam is appliquéing her EPP's down and this will become a cushion

 Muriel (who brought no produce in this week :(  ) is paper piecing the letters of her Grand Daughter's name and this will be added to her quilt. 

Shirley has a beaded project on the go. these are the petals that will make her flower

Chris has been very busy ( well that's what she told me to write) and is decorating some rustic hearts. 

 Pauline is adding some hexagons to her embroidered panels

 And Eileen is working on Baltimore style blocks for another quilt,

 Jo has completed a beautiful quilt for her bed.

it looks pale, but the colours are quite bright
 This started off as a whole cloth quilt that was a neither here or there as a size so she joined a class at her LQS and completed the blocks into panels, "Quilt As You Go " style and added them to the quilt. Then the borders the same way and now she has a beauty to grace her bed .
 The Whole-cloth was hand quilted but the rest was done by her machine.

 Glenys has made a bunch of cute purses for the sales table

 And Mrs Beal has made another selection of little things, again for the sales table
pot holders and tissue covers

 The box of sales table items is filling up nicely but we need lots more!

Don't forget that we have a big box of fabrics for you to use to make saleable items. The more the merrier.

from each of our members please

A cushion for the raffle  
A bag - any type - small or large, plain or fancy for the Bag a Bola
( we need enough to last two days!!)
Any items for our sales table 


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Well, That Kept Them Quiet!!

We had the Prick and Stitch Card all day and Wednesday session this week, and with a room full of people - you could hear a pin drop (at some points!)

There was quite a few designs to choose from , and some that were already pricked out (that went down well, thank you Kay!)
 The Angel was a popular choice
 As were the other Christmas designs

 This floral design is pretty
 And so were the Geometric patterns
 Lunch was the most popular choice of the day
 It seems that we will see quite a few of these in the next few weeks as I heard many say how addictive this method is.

A BIG Thank You to Kay, Ena and Shirley for helping to sort this out for us

Around the room we also had Barbara Hand quilting those Drunkards Patch blocks that we have seen being pieced
 Jo was quilting her cushion for the Raffle
 And some Open Wide Zipper Pouch 's

 And a couple of Table Toppers for the sales table too

 The Sales Table box is filling nicely and we do have fabric that has been donated to use for Charity items. If you have a hour to spare, please sew some bits for us to sell.

The posters and flyers for the Exhibition will be available in the next week or so. Please help to distribute these in your area. We want to break our target for the Four chosen charities.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Rounding Up

 the week starting with a great cushion that Maureen has finished.
a colourful Nellie

with her tail following on behind
and a pocket for a bedtime read
 Its lovely Maureen. Great idea.

 Ellen is busy producing items for the sales table in September

a wedge cushion
 Val is making a concerted effort to complete a cushion using her Twisted Log Cabin blocks
got to keep them in order
 Pat is using some of the fabric that the lovely Shirley donated to make a cushion for the raffle
More Twists here
 Jan is patchworking but this time is crocheting her squares
lovely soft cotton
 Remember the cushion that Carol was making to complete her Quillow, well this is the quilt part of the emsemble

 Alison decided to bring her crochet cardigan to work on
lovely lace pattern

 We have a lovely hexagon piece here., ready to be appliquéd down
 Liz has put the patchwork to one side whilst she works on a tapestry project
 Kay is getting a head start on the "Prick & Stitch" cards that we are making on our next all day session.
 Ann was embroidering a Christmas design that will be included n a larger project
never to early to start on the festive projects
 Chris was (still at it!) making a scissor keeper out of this pretty birdy fabric

Brenda is still making her blocks for her lovely batik kaleidoscope quilt
 Sally was carrying her work in this delightful fabric trug
 full of little birds
 pine cones
 and her cute mouse pincushion
remind you of the Clangers?
Louise is embroidering a picture that will be included in her Gardeners Journal quilt

 And she had one of the sweet thread catcher's that we made at group ages ago.
so useful
 A round of applause goes to Ena who has finished this pretty cross stitch
 And fingers crossed for Susan who is making this elegant clutch bag using some stunning peacock fabric
 once she works out which piece goes where!!!

 Good luck Susan!!

Don't forget that Monday 19th July will be our All Day session and we will me making Prick & Stitch cards

Bring any card that you have ( we will have some at group), embroidery threads, a pricking tool (large needle or awl) and either a cutting board/ironing mat/or piece of card to prick into.