Monday, 20 August 2012

Good Day Good Day.

What a great day was had by all.  Helen Spence came to give us a demonstration named 'Six tricks with triangles'  and what wonderful tricks she played.

 We all gathered round as she showed us her first 'trick'
Folding and ironing

and the first set of triangles in place and pinned
 Second round of triangles........ can you see the beginnings of  'Somerset Star'

 Its all coming together now.  Looks great doesn't it?

On to the next one.  This is Helens flower.  This is where she has used triangles, gathered them a little, and placed them in a circle....simple!

 Stage two
Third round

  Voilà!  This is what we are all aiming for.

Don't ask why this is on its side... it just won't load properly...not my fault.
Another trick was continual prairie points.

 Cutting and folding
 and look what we have

There were a few more tricks, 'Square within a Square', 'Half square triangles', and of course Helen could not miss out the 'Flying Geese'

Of we went to play

Neatly cut, ironed and ready to sew
Can you see the Flying Geese?  On to the next challenge
More Flying Geese, and it looks like the flower is making an appearance 
Continual prairie two colours no less 
Busy busy busy
Flying Geese and continual Prairie Points
Flower in the making
More Geese and Prairie Points
Even this 'little one' managed the 'Flying Geese' and 'Squares within a square' 
Such a cute iron
Not everyone played with triangles, we had some making the 1 hour wallets that were shown at our last 'all day'........ only one problem, this one took about 5 hours, but she did finish in the day.
Zips are a bit tricky!!!
Christmas 2010 we were given a charm pack from the group, and gradually we have seen some of the items made with them and today another beauty arrived.  Just look at Diana's face...... big wow from her 

This also was made with triangles.......must be magic

Monday, 13 August 2012

Remember the (almost finished) 30's baby quilt, well here it is in all its glory finished.  Just look at those curved borders...really pretty.  


This border is so sweet

Bit of embroidery going on, sweet little owl, and some Sashiko

Angie brought in her book that she has now finished.  Think she had to bring it in to prove to us all that she had in fact completed the cover.  Looks great, well done.

Front cover

Just so you can see it all
 There's always one that has to make a mess......
Is it a scrap bag or a bag of scraps????
 Its surprising what you can find if you look hard enough....
This is what she was looking for... scraps to make a mini quilt.

More rug mugs and coffee cosy's for charity.

What have we here?????

Knitted mice, felt carrots, potatoes, and it that a courgette.  These are to decorate the church for Harvest Festival.
The mice are to die for...
 We also had a visitor today.  Lisa was visiting and knitting an ipad cover.  Lisa has said that she will be posting the pattern for this on her blog,  here 

Christmas blocks still being worked on.

 These are not going to grow into a quilt, but very nice placemats maybe.


Helen will be here to demonstrate tricks with triangles, so if you wish to join in, bring along some scraps, your sewing machine (you will be also be able to work these by hand), and usual sewing bits and pieces.  

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ena was on a 'finish up' mission, so Smocked pillow complete with feather inner, and such a cute rag doll....all done!!   So, look who came to visit today......I would like to call her 'Raggedy Ann' but I know Ena has chosen  a much better name, I just can't remember it  Der!!!

Well done Ena
Muriel is onto smaller things this week,
Love those tail feathers

Liz is still working on her appliquéd cuties, She is certainly going to have a lot of 'Linus' quilts ready for next year.

Too Cute

Eileen and Shirley are beavering away at their 'block of the month/quilt as you go' quilts. 

The photo doesn't do justice to the hand quilting on these blocks.

Can't wait to see these completed, but have to wait for a few more months.
Who would not want to receive this beauty, appliqué, embroidery, and such sweet verse.  

Waiting to see what this turns into----card, cushion, quilt block.  

More Christmas blocks...... snowflakes and houses seem to be the theme this month.

Very neat, but she has two to make.

all kept neat and tidy

Are you swapping snowflakes for stars?

Careful cutting

Lots of beads being added to this one

There always has to be one that's different, but we love your laughter 

Oh my! just how many of these will be needed?  All hand sewing----- take my hat off to you
Do you remember last week we had a photo of Chris's 30's quilt?  Well it looks like she is going to use up all the 'left overs' by making another baby quilt...... love those fabrics.

Looks good 
Last but never least.... Lynda has finished her baby quilt....... is that three she has made this year??? Think her family need to buy a T.V. 

'Sun bonnet Sue' with added butterflies and birds...Love it.

Just a reminder that this month Helen Spence will be coming to our 'all day' to show us some tricks with triangles.  Make a note in your diary 20th August.