Tuesday, 29 April 2014

British Quilt and Stitch Village (Uttoxeter Quilt Show)

Warning!  Very Heavy Picture Post!! -  Make a Cup of Tea!

A group of about 50 of us went to British Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Race Course.
We had a great coach driver who had C sussed from the start (back seat driver!). He  was great fun and kept us entertained all the way.
This show is not large. 
The lighting was not great
The usual traders were not in attendance. 
The Exhibition is spread over several different buildings.
It was still a good show.

 Below are a few of the exhibits that caught my eye, for many different reasons. Not going to say too much about them. ......
This was by Canadian Abroad

Take an extra look at the one below....
 Made by a BLIND lady in a Lynn Edwards workshop

 And this one has given us an idea for a project next year.....

 Just love the fabrics in this.  Kate Spain was the one that turned me from sludgy  earthy colours to brights - and I don't "do" purple!

 Love the simplicity of this one

Some of the ladies have suggested we try "Stack & Whack" or Kaleidoscope 

I am not really into pictorial quilts, but have to admire the work in these beauties

 Like the 3D effect of this one.

 And love this miniature selection

see the hand bottom left for scale!

 Again, not my cup of tea but very effective

all those tiny crystals!

 The "Special Theme" competition was "Lest We Forget". Maybe some of the items from here or here should have been entered?

 And this is an example of how to use your sewing machine!

We had a raffle to keep the ladies quiet on the way home, and poor Carol had to run up and down the coach, distributing the prizes. Such fun!

A GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to Carol for running such a good trip.

Well done


And so to normal matters

We have a few finishes from the meeting yestaerday

Pauline's Japanese folded bag, using striking Japanese prints

So proud of her work! Well done Pauline.

Pam is playing with tiny hexagons
making the drawstring bag
Ena has come on nicely with her cross stitch lady (which we have seen before, but I can't find the post!) How long ago?
Ellen is still hooked on smocked coat hangers. Can't blame her! they are so cute.

Val has carried on with the Celtic work that we taught a few weeks ago.

And more of the little needle-case work-bags
Val's finish

Annette is now breeding them!
All in all, a couple of very good days.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Sticky Post

You may remember that the ladies this Wednesday evening were going to be making on of these

some of Monday's finished "handbags"
 Well, it all started off OK.
more sticking
cutting of fabrics
a very neat workspace
Some pegging too,

looks to be going OK

But if I say it myself, that's where it all started going pear shaped. (not unusual with these ladies)

Lots of laughter, a bit of  bad  ripe language, more hysterical laughter and a decision that the needle-case would be finished next week or at home.

blurriness caused by giggles
I hope to have a very nice picture (with my very nice NEW camera) of some finished needle-cases next time. But don't hold your breath!

Meanwhile, Lynda sat patiently (nearly)  slicing all her scarps into usable pieces. And the tiny scraps were scooped up by Bernice, who has a little project going on. Looking forward to seeing that.

Monday, 14 April 2014

General Catch up

 Last Wednesday saw some varied types of projects

 Susan is working a an embroidery sampler
folksy images

 Jackie has pieced yet another quilt top, using printed squares and co-ordinating fabrics

effective design
 One of our newer ladies has completed a needllecase
 And another a baby quilt
set on point
 Carol has started some EPP
Tumbling Blocks

 Lynda had started a Candlewick Embroidery item

 Which by Monday had been turned into this lovely cushion, made for a very good friend, who has a bit of a thing for Dragonflies

 And then the All day project began. Ena, Ellen and Shirley had sorted out three items that could be made. Ellen and Kay's good men had cut out (tens) of card kits of this sweet little "handbag" needle case

 It involved quite a bit of gluing and pegging

starting off
And then sewing the pieces together
nice stripe fabric
 Add a bead and a button
 Some elastic and a hair bobble or two
 Inside and out
 And we had lots of these little beauties ready for use
I think some of the ladies thought they would get all three projects done, but sometimes those little things take so much more time!

Most of the ladies tried the Handbag, but a few did a cute little fabric box starting with an equilateral triangle 

 This would look lovely with some mini eggs in this weekend

like a little nest

  And a few made this little scissor pouch, and I have it on good authority that several will be made for future sales tables

I like this
 Meanwhile, the rest of the room carried on with other pieces.

Angie is making a Poppy wall hanging

 Sue made this fabulous bag whilst on holiday in Arizona. She managed to find a sewing group whilst she was away!

 And Pam ........ well Pam.... there are so many things that I could/would/should say about this, but I will leave it up to you ta add your own caption.......

Sliver bells and Cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row!