Tuesday, 25 November 2014

It's been a while...

But life seems to have taken over any free time that I have.
At group however, they are still producing some great pieces of work, mostly with a Seasonal theme.

We have had a workshop day making these rather splendid Santa Tabletoppers

Just love the swirly beards
and his tiny face!
 There has been quite a bit of crochet too
What are these?
It's him again of course
And some knitting, this is Olaf, who will mean as much to you as it does to me, but if you have small people on the family, you will know this film and so will know Olaf
he is a cutie
Ena and Ellen have been hard at work, producing items for a local bazzar
they are both looking a bit puzzled...

 And we just have to show this lovely Bunny - Glenys made him, over quite a while, at a Candlewick embroidery group that she goes to. Well done Glenys, he was so worth the wait
 a real beauty
 I am not much into making New Year Resolutions, but things are happening at work, a big change with me and time may actually be something I have a bit more of, (jealous eh?)  so I am going to promise to keep up with this little blog so much better next year. 
You can hold me to that!!