Thursday, 31 December 2015

End Of Year Round Up!

 Well, where did 2015 go?!!
Lots of projects finished and more started. Lots of monies made from our Exhibition and these were gratefully received by our four Charities.

Lots of knitting finishes going on at the last few meetings
 Including these "Fidget Muffs" made for Dementia sufferers.

Some mitts from Beverley

And a baby cardigan from Debbie (I think!)

Some snowman Mug rugs
And more of the Prick and Stitch cards

The last of the wreaths completed
and some more folded decorations
Some perusing of projects to come

Remember the navy and white smocking that we saw in progress?
Well Carol completed this lovely dress for one of her Grand Daughters

I wont show you pictures of the bun fight shared lunch that we enjoyed! It was not a pretty sight!

Here are a few more of the pieces being worked on

This years Christmas Challenge was handed out - We are to make a fabric clock and were given a fat 1/4 of background/backing and a clock mechanism.

Jo has kindly sent some finishing instructions to help us out. Pop over to the Tutorials page to read these.

Our programme of events will be handed out at our first meetings starting Monday January 4th and can also be viewed in our Diary page.

As NO ONE came forward to organise our programme,  you will notice that there will be more project days led by group members, so we had ALL better get our thinking caps on.

Thank you to those who have volunteered to take a session, you will be on the NICE list for the whole year!!

Come January, we will have been going for 15 years!!! So despite all I have put you through you keep on coming back !!! 

On behalf of our Committee may I wish you all ....

A Very Happy Healthy and Productive New Year!!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Lots More Finishes

 at group this week, with lots more items in progress.  Some for the Festive season, and some not.

 Angie has ...... almost finished her tablet case
 Jackie has made some needlecases.
Love this Bonnie and Camille print
 Barbara is making a baby quilt by hand and has some lovely prints to surround this appliqué bunny

 This colourful Sunbonnet Sue was being stitched (but i can't remember who by - sorry!!)

Ellen was making a children's cloth book
 And had brought in her beautiful smocked Angel to show us
a lovely tree ornament
 Muriel has finished her Hulk quilt and had moved onto a much prettier Flower Fairies one
 Jane was stuffing little advent stockings
 And Pat was making a giant Christmas card
 Pam was handquilting a floral cushion panel

The other Pam was using a couple of spare panels to make a small cushion

Linda has added more to her embroidered heart, and then realised she had made a mistake, so unpicked the afternoons work!

 Drum Roll for Pauline who has finished (yes finished) a Christmas Stocking

 Elaine has joined our group and was finishing of a fabric covered box

 And she brought her friend - Harriet to keep her company
How cute is she!!
 Some of our group belong to an on-line Challenge group and did a show and tell of their November Challenges
The group is open to new members if you fancy joining in.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Missed a Week!!

 I could have sworn I posted last weeks pictures? 

When I worked (all the hours God sends) I posted twice a week - now I am free of time constraints I seem to be much less organized and somewhat very forgetful!
I will have to make a New Year resolution to be more organized!  (note I am not promising anything until the New Year!)

We did have a Major clear out of our storage cupboard, and I found a worthy cause for all the stuff that has been in there for ages,  and no one has done anything with it.

No more putting stuff in there "in case anyone can do anything with it"

Chris has taken what was left of the kindly donated de-stash fabrics and is quietly working her way through it, making things for the next years Shoe Boxes and other charity stalls that will crop up during the year.

Whilst I may have been a bit tardy keeping you up to date, the ladies have been beavering away with their projects, and some more of the fabric wreaths have been completed.
A ribbon twisted border rather than the lace
cord added to this one

ribbon Prairie Points
just joining together
a plain border

Ena and Shirley have done us proud this past couple of years taking a workshop most months.  
I think we should all thank them for their hard work.

Neither will be doing the Programme Organiser role next year, and as NO ONE has volunteered to help with this job, (its not to take a workshop, its to get someone else to do it!) Next years Programme will work quite differently.

You Have Been Warned!

Around the room we had Mrs Beal finishing a cosy quilt

 Brenda is adding the binding to her Tropical Colours quilt
fabulous Batiks
 And Brenda has also finished a striking Crochet blanket

 Lots of Christmas items around the room
from the project day
smocked and beaded baubles

Advent Calendar ready for goodies
Modern Scrappy Tree hangings  (those "scraps" cost loads!)

A Robin hat for a baby grandson

And a stunning table centre - so simple and so effective

 Remember the sock duo? Well they are complete. Angie's first pair (that don't actually match) of socks complete, and they will probably be the last pair too! And Jo's "pair" that do match - smarty pants!
whatever, they will be toasty this winter
 A couple of Hexagon projects

 A Baby quilt in progress

 Some more pretty knitting being worked on

 Marie's Hussuff that is being turned into a knitting needle case

 Bridget is amazed (she's not the only one!) with how quickly her Gold Work piece is progressing
 And Annette is seeing double. Or she will be in the New Year when her first and TWIN grandchildren are born! How lucky is that!!!

Don't forget that we are doing a Secret Santa again this year. 
Still plenty of time to make something special for one of your friends at our Happy Group !!

There is a box at our sessions for anyone who would like to donate items that we will deliver to the Sanctuary Project at the end of term

They are in need of non perishable foods and household products.
For example:
Pasta meals in packets Tinned meats/fish Tinned soups Cereals
UHT milk Washing up liquid Cleaning products Toilet rolls Scouring pads
Any items of food will need to be in date please and household items don't need to be expensive!
We would be very grateful for anything you can spare, thank you.