Tuesday, 25 June 2013

It's been a while!

Sorry Ladies, Its been a month since the last post - stuff getting in the way - but hopefully things are back to normal!

Whilst I have been away ---

Wendy and Claire Le Maistre  came to both meetings to show us how to make a ribbon pansy  and a tassel making session.
How many cutters does one girl need?
 There was of course the usual troubles

Glennis looks like she has been caught out!

The Wednesday girls had a bit of a do with some pincushions too

I love those mice

Jan has been making a baby quil

nice fabrics
 And lots of piecing going on too
Never tire of paper piecing

 Pauline is getting a head start on the festive season.
cute santa1

 Two of our newer members didn't want to feel left out with their mug bags, and there is even a pocket for the sweeteners

nice idea
 Muriel is making pin cushion tins from any container that she can find
great idea

 And Jo has a new purchase that she is playing with - amidst the tot of indulgence

tiny pom-pom's

 Lots of busyness around the room

Including some smocking - very nice, some embroidery - so sweet -  and the cutest pair of shorts made for the same charity that the little pillowcase dresses were made for.

So you see - we have still been stitching away during the absence.
 See you next week !!