Wednesday, 20 August 2014

It's Official!!

 Ellen HAS lost it!!

Remember in the last post, Ellen had crochet some bags and had added vegetables ?

Well not she has added some vermin cute little mice to the latest finish!
They are cute!
 These would give palpitations to someone we all know.....

But don't worry, sense was prevailing in the rest of the room.
Murial is making some HUGE poppies to help to decorate the church when Finedon have thier Flower Festival (14th & 15th September)

 Angie has a Hexagon project on the go

 Sunbonnet Sue has made another appearance

 Some embroidery on a child's quilt

 Remember Ena's box? Well here it is in all it's glory.
 Didn't she do well?

We have some Japanese Folded square on a beachy theme
 I think this is an angels skirt

with pretty lace added
 Because there were more angels being created

 in lots of pretty fabrics

This memory quilt was made by Diane, using her lovely husbands ties and shirts

it will bring back many happy memories

And we had Helen Spence teaching a little workshop "Celtic Printing
viewing the options
 And playing with paints! Such fun!


coming on nicely
Adding some colour

And the finished item!

Some really pretty cards made today.

And the ladies really enjoyed the change of craft

with a touch of twinkle

A Great big Thank You to Helen for coming along and keeping us entertained. A lovely day all in all

(But MICE?!?! I ask you!)

wonder what will surface next time.........

Monday, 11 August 2014

A Festival of Quilts

 And other items...

Ellen has been having fits brainwaves regarding her crocheting and has made some bags with crochet "adornments"
veggie bag

they are cute though

 Bless her..........

 Jo is continuing with her tiny projects - hexagons are next on her list.

 Shirley is making a large "dolly "bag for a baby - this will be to carry around all the stuff that babies come with.

bright colours
Ena is making a Somerset Folded lid for the little box that she has been making

 And the Angels have started to roll in

a sweetie!

Twins in the making
 Angela apologised (sort of) for no sewing being done for ages, and was sewing knitted blocks together. We had a vote and decided NOT to expel her.
its still patchwork...
Lynda put the finishing touches to her new Grandson's quilt. You may remember that she took one up a couple of months ago and brought it back because it didn't suit him,
much stronger colours

 Then there was the Festival of Quilts held this weekend at Birmingham Exhibition Centre.

I was working there and did manage to have a look around at the quilts on display (as well as all the frantic shopping being done - is there something I should know about?).

There was a huge number of quilts on display, but - in my opinion - too many art quilts compared with the traditional entries. I find it quite sad that some of you lovely ladies who do beautiful work are letting the arty set take the lead in what is the largest quilt show in the country.

I will show you some pics of those that I enjoyed looking at .....

 I just love love love this one

these measured 1"

a clever idea
the hand stitching brought this to life

 Philipa Naylor won the Traditional category

 with some exquisite free motion quilting
 But Best in Show?....

don't get me wrong, I admire the work that has gone into this piece and many of the other Art type pieces - but some of them, I just wonder "why?"  
 Maybe it is like Monty Python ... I just don't get it

I didn't take my very nice new camera, and I chose not to take photos of so many of the quilts -

This is another that caught my eye.

 And its nice to see that someone I know agrees with me!  Thank you Wendy!!!