Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Make a cup of Tea!

 And put your feet up. Keep going to the bottom too!

Linus (or Dorothy) day is upon us, and needless to say, the room turned into a sweat shop hive of activity.
Like the Wednesday meeting, we were concentrating on crib size quilts and everyone got straight on with production.

 There are lots of pics so I wont blurb on
(these are just the good photos - I do need a new camera! - maybe for my birthday?)

 Chris was in charge of the Quilt Count
 Lots of appliqué

 Ena sitting back and admiring,  after some "technical" problems with her machine.

 Ellen has been hand embroidering

love the centre print fabric!

 Christine has been playing with her embroidery machine

 So that was just a selection of the FINISHED quilts for the day
Mo Smith from Project Linus visited in the afternoon and took away 60 completed quilts, and we have about the same amount the bindings are being sewn down, and then Wednesday quilts have still to be added to the count. So a good day of production, don't you think?

I will give you a final count next month.

If you have a quilt that needs finishing off, could we please have it back by 19th March, and we can get them over to Mo for delivery.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this annual shindig.

A BIG Thank you to  Creative Grids who very kindly helped us out with Hobbs Heirloom Bleached Wadding that was lovely and soft, and easy to use.

Have you seen this months Popular Patchwork magazine??

Congratulations!! to Carol Wawra on winning FIRST prize in this competition. 
If you have seen the quilt in person you will appreciate the gorgeous colours.
I will get her to bring it in so you can all take a peek.


Saturday, 15 February 2014

And so it begins!

The Wednesday girls have started the Linus frenzy. This year we are focusing on incubator size quilts.  Lots have been started and quite a few finishes too.

Appliqué and Piecing

It gives us a chance to have a go at lots of different deigns without taking on too large a project

Great ideas!
I wonder if we will beat our record numbers AGAIN this year?

Monday is our All Day Linus day - sometimes known as  Dorothy day.


And on another note - take a look at Noodlehead blog. There are some great tutorials to try.
And look at Film in The Fridge for even more interesting tutorials - you will never be out of an idea for your next project.