Friday, 28 March 2014

Not to be Outdone!

Here we have the Wednesday Ladies contributions to the Challenge. Some very thoughtfull and novel ideas. Make a cuppa and take a look.

about my father

 You can read more about Carol's piece on her blog here

a simple wall hanging - it says it all
a mug bag

Peace at last

a silk and velvet embellished scarf

the faceless mutitude

a bit of crazy - just like the war

an organiser

needle cases

a bag

a textured landscape
from the war poem "Suicide in the Trenches"

a better photo from Monday
a smart little bag

where would those poor men have been without the nurses to put them back together

I am sure you will agree, there has been a great deal of thought and effort has gone into this years Challenge. It was the least moaned about. No black looks sent my way.  Hmmmm

We will see how 2014 Challenge goes down - yes, it has been decided.

Well done Ladies

Monday, 24 March 2014

Rising to the Challenge

Those of you who are familiar with Higham Piecemakers will know that before we break up at Christmas, we give the ladies a bit of a "Challenge" to be completed by a given date.
There is usually a lot f moaning and groaning about the subject, but not this year.

Everyone was given a fat 1/4 f red fabric, some thread and some beads.
This was this years challenge.
  Your Challenge this year --- Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Beginning of the 
1st World War.  Use some or all of the fabric to make ANY item of your choice with World War 1 in mind. You can purchase more of the fabric if you wish. You do not HAVE to use the beads or thread if you do not want to.  You may keep your finished item or we could donate some items to the British Legion for them to fund-raise for their cause. 

Quite simple - do whatever you like. 

Today was the date.

And the  ladies have definitely risen to the challenge. 

I am just going to let you look at all the lovely projects

a memory album

a covered journal and bookmark and a lovely little keepsake(tobacco?) pouch
a fabric roll for keeping letters safe and another covered jurnal

a fabric clock - They shall not grow old .....

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.....
service number -- Get the code?

a great assortments of cushions
some personal memories and medals

a framed poem

so many treasures

those crosses are made by crochet, needle-lace and stumpwork

more cushions and frames and a little box

a pair of knitted socks and look a 1915 stamp!

pretty stump-work poppy

a beautiful embroidered card

very poignant

a Red Cross quilt

decorated tote bag

Cushion showing the local war memorials. Higham memorial is so elegant

close up of those cushions

 I will try to get a better shot of this on Wednesday (still need a new camera!!)

a great photo collage
a framed cross stitch

the Belgian War Graves
not quite finished, but will be done by next week
 I will takes more pics on Wednesday and add some of todays items that I have missed here.

We have been talking, and think that this years Challenge needs to be exhibited somewhere. Any ideas ladies? Maybe at the Open Gardens in June? Let the committee know what you think, Or add your comments to the blog.

We will approach the Royal British Legion in Higham Ferrers to see if they would like to use the items  to raise some funds.

Monday, 17 March 2014

A New Skill!!

 On Wednesday .....
Jackie has finished her friends quilt. Its lovely, but Jackie found it really hard to work in colours and fabrics that were not her choice. It was made "quilt as you go" and she has made a great job of it. I am sure that the lady who asked for it to be made will be thrilled with it.

bottom right corner design was taken from a piece of the lady's art work, photocopied and traced out and reverse appliquéd 

 And then we had the start of the Celtic Block workshop -----

 Some had got further than others but everyone seemed to enjoy the evening

Quick Tip!!!

1) Only pin a small amount of the design down and start to sew in place, as the strips are cut on the bias they tend to stretch a bit and so all of your pinning will need to be moved along.

2) if you put your pins in the back of the work, your thread wont keep getting caught around the ends of the pins.


Barbara was sewing some very small hexagons 
I know how old that blue fabric is!!
 Elizabeth was sewing down the binding on another celebration quilt gift
lots of pass times included
 And Monday's offering......

Well, it might just be me --- but it was so calm and quiet at group this morning!  I had had a very hectic weekend with Miss O staying for a few days. I am looking after her in three weeks whilst Mummy goes on a hen do, and I think she wanted to make sure I was not going to break her beautiful girl.

I didn't.

I get to do it all again soon.  YAY!

But back to Group.  It was just lovely. Some were tracing, some were pinning and some were stitching. There was chat and laughter but either I was in a stupor or it was... serene!
 Not everyone was using a pale background so transferring the pattern was a bit of a problem until some dressmakers carbon paper was produced and used to trace the pattern.
see what I mean about the pins?
 Ellen was getting on really well (swot!)

 And Di was adding fillers to her loops

A whole days work!!!

 I will show you the finished items soon.

Carol came in after her mornings Nordic walk to show us a similar technique, Italian Corded Quilting, which she first tried out a loooooong time ago at school. This was well admired and is in the "project for the future" folder.

And back to the camera problem. RUBBISH photo so I will try that again some other time!

I DO need a new camera.

 The new skill??

You may remember that we had been given an over-locker to add to the group equipment. Well we had it serviced and it sews like a dream.  I managed to un-thread it by accident (every over-lockers nightmare) but with a bit of a wriggle and tweak and with Pat's supervision I managed to re thread it and away we went. 11 pairs of shorts later ---

colourful and fun
Didn't have enough of any one fabric to make a pair, so each of the four pieces is different , and though I say it myself, they are FAB. Thank you to Jayne Smith for donating some of her fabric sampling. These will be sent overseas by St Mary's Church in Rushden via this charity  and if you wanted the pattern (which is so easy to make, especially if you use the over locker!) you can find it here


I have collected the rest of the LINUS quilts to be passed over this week, and our totaliser shows 171 quilts made this time!!



And for those of you who don't already know Our Carol has her own blog here . I have added it to the reading list, but stop by and say "Hello" .