Sunday, 27 September 2015

Well, Was it Worth It?

 Ok,  Well this weekend has seen a magnificent effort by some of our members in setting up such a great Exhibition - yet again!

I'm not going to bore you with endless commentary (I'm too tired and my bed is calling) - but please bear with, and work your way to the end of this VERY photo heavy post.

Sales table all ready for the punters

The Bag O Bola sold out before 12 on Saturday!!

 Some of the Cushion Raffle items

Staff at the ready

 The Bede House has a magnificent roof construction

Circa 1423
 Using sales speel

 Christmas by the fireside

Nesta's quilt greeted the visitors

 Jackie's trio made for three sisters

Ta Dah! Eileen Did manage to get her quilting finished
well done Eileen
 Beautiful Baltimore by Barbara

T Shirts from Mrs Beals Family's time spent inUSA

A table of smaller items

 Annette's quilt was So big we had to drape it over a chair!
but so worth putting up!

 More of the Cushion Raffle

So that's it.

All done for this time.

Time for a BIG vote of thanks
to all who 
set up
 lugged tables and chairs what seemed like miles
volunteered on the day
 made umpteen cups of tea and coffee
sliced dozens of cakes
washed sooooo many pots
came to visit
 and generally made the weekend go without a hitch 

An even BIGGER vote of thanks 
goes to all who stayed behind and helped dismantle and clear away the whole shebang in just an hour!!
A special
 Thank you 
to dear Husbands
and John
without whom , we would still be there.


Oh - did you want to know how much we made?

Well good old (not so old really) June has done the count and.......

£2149.25 !!!!!

I think we deserve a bit of a lie in tomorrow

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

12 Days To Go!!

Until our Exhibition!!

Preparations are going as planned and reminders have been given regarding items that we have made over the past two years. When you make a list you realise what you have been doing with all your time!

More projects are being started and some are still ongoing

Lynda and Lesley were tracing the Bugs a Lot shapes ready to start the quilt when fabrics arrive from New Zealand .  They are both working on the Kids Quilts Stand at Alexander Palace at the beginning of October and have been asked (on Sunday) if a couple of samples could be made up beforehand .  "Of Course" was the answer ..... The fabrics were going to be posted on Monday. From New Zealand.

Do you think they will do it??

Jo was helping Angie "turn a heel" on her first sock making project. Angie was having a rest after realising that when this one was done, she had another to complete to make a pair!!
 Bridget was relieved to have been sent another ball of yarn to finish her waistcoat after her dog had decided to play with the previous purchase and had had to be cut out of the tangle he had gotten himself in!

Ellen had all sorts going on on her table, and was spending far too much time caressing this ball of sparkly yarn!

We are a Patchwork & Quilting Group. Do we ban other crafts?

Well my philosophy is - if it keeps them quiet  - let them get on with it!

Annette is busy making more of the Prick & Stitch Christmas cards

Alison's piece of embellished embroidery is really coming to life

adding beads now

 Maria brought in the bag she has made for our Bag O Bola stall

love this fabric!
And was using her new template to prepare the pieces for a Crazy Patchwork bag.

she got on so much better when she removed the lable!
 And this little lot is ready to make more bags. Busy Maria

Sue is making a similar cushion to the one she has donated to our Cushion Raffle

Jackie has finished her pretty Needle Case

Eileen has several more blocks to hand quilt to get this finished for next weekend
photo is a bit blurry - she hadn't time to stop sewing!
 Pauline is working on a set of felt Christmas Decorations
love the pudding Ted
Remember these Millefiori  pieces that Kay and Ann were working on last week?  Well this is the progress that Kay has made
lots more pretty stitching
 Shirley is desperately trying to get her "Hussuff" done. Pam's husband Roy had called in to have a cuppa and a chat with us and was reminiscing that he had been given one of these the day he joined the RAF .
so it will come in handy!
 Val was quilting a cushion panel

Muriel has made a pretty dress for her Grand Daughter
Tinkerbell fabric
 Pat is going away for a few weeks and is prepping her appliqué pieces ready for some hand sewing time

Therese ----- well she is using techniques that she has learned at group to repair her dear sons favourite pair of jeans.
 (I would've told him to buy a new pair!!)  Her lovely sewing will still remain after the rest of these jeans just disintergate!
see - more holes to be covered
 But she is having a lovely time using what she has learnt.

She deserves a medal (or a straight jacket!!!)

What can I say about Linda?   We have seen this over several many weeks months  - But it is FINISHED!!!!
Well Done Linda!! No detention for you !
Her 2014 Christmas Challenge is now ready to display with all of the others NEXT WEEK!!!


Don't Forget

We need all of the items that you are going to display
 ( all the items that you have made over the past two years )
 be delivered to the 
at 6pm on Friday  
ready for the Exhibition to be assembled 
We have Two Hours to do this!!

and please don't forget to add a (min) 5" sleeve to any quilt that will be hung on our stands

I use the longest stitch on my sewing machine and a 6" strips of any fabric that I have knocking about. It won't be seen  so raw edges are fine. I stitch right across the quilt on the machine. 5 Minute job.  It comes out easily with no after effects and is much more secure that trying to tack one on.