Thursday, 28 February 2013

On A Date!

 Whilst Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne and myself were out on a threesome  there was some proper work going on at the meeting on Wednesday evening.

Hayley was using the light box to trace some shapes from a souvenir from her round the world trip

What A Wonderful Town!

The vet(???) was performing what looks like a chicken having a bit of surgery
watch it missus!!
And Linda was back with us after a few weeks committed to working, and was continuing the hand quilting of her rather large Hexagon quilt.

lots of tiny stitches

 Louise has been playing with a "Candy" pack of 2 1/2" squares, resulting in a 12" block of "Old Glory Gatherings". The appliqué is wool felt and there is a bit more to add to the block, maybe we will see that next week.

Maggie has been the recipient of a Japanese Screen kit for her birthday

some lovely embroidery here

And Susan is being very philosophical with her latest piece of work

If Only!!

One of our past members used this quote on calico bags she made for charity. I think the last count was something like 350 bags with several different quotes.  Quite a marathon!

One of my favourites was 'Everyone is entitled to MY opinion"

Bet you all know who I am talking about ..... Rest her Soul xxx

Monday, 25 February 2013

A Bit of a Delay!

As this is actually Wednesday's post!! (I've had a busy week!!)

Wednesday's meeting was quite a productive one with Carol coming first in the "finishes " race.
 I showed a peek of this here and I think that you will agree that this really is a TA Dah!!! moment
 The quilt is a block of the month pattern that was published in Patchwork & Quilting magazine last year. It was made "quilt as you go" and Carole certainly has put a lot of quilting and detail in this piece. Lovely!
Incy Wincy
 AND ...
reminds me of coffee with a frothy top?
 She has also finished a Spicy Spiral Table Runner - this is a gift for a friend - Lucky Lady.  It really is quite effective. I hear that she is making another as a gift, so look forward to seeing that too.

 Meanwhile ... Ann was working on a very pretty piece of embroidery

a touch of Japanese

 Gillian is constructing a box. Looks like this is a sewn one despite the bumper glue pack!
very precisely pieced

 I think this is another Ann who had made a rather lovley block into a tote bag.
Just need the handles

 A pretty blue Dresden Plate block is being made amongst the bevvy of cups, and maybe another lavender heart? These really are popular.

Lynda and Lesley spent most of the evening sorting out the carnage that was left in the Linus box after Mondays epic sewing day. Looked lovely and tidy when they were finished :))
 If I had managed to get the post done when I should have, I would not have been able to tell you about the day at Nene Quilters with non other than Kaffe Fassett

His talk was excellent and humorous, ably assisted by Brandon Mably, with a slide show of his work, which included painting, knitting, tapestry and quilting and he also showed a selection of his work, both quilted and knitted.


 At the end of his talk there was a Q&A session where some very intelligent questions were asked (his words not mine).  He then did a book signing session.
 (Thank you to Carol for her report on the event)
You will be able to read more of this here
and here
Cotton Patch from Birmingham were the traders and were demonstrating some of their gadgets, so lots of chances to spend some pennies!
recognise anyone??

Some of the quilts on display

So quite a busy week all in all.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Our Dorothy Day

Dorothy & Ena
Every February we have a Linus day for our All Day activity, sometimes known as our Dorothy day because Dorothy made quilts for Linus like they were going out of fashion, and her birthday was in February.  Dorothy passed away 4 years ago but we still talk about her (some more fondly than others!!)  I cannot tell you how much trouble these two got up to! 

You will recognise Ena from many other posts on this blog, still causing as much mayhem as she can. (But we LOVE her!!)

 We had a full house of eager ladies ready to tackle the day

every spot filled
 We had suggested that we join in with the Scrappy Trip Round The World (tutorial HERE ).

Lynda and Lesley had been cutting strips for days, and the ladies brought along some more ready cut strips - so we started with this ......

lots of scraps

 And after some of this ......
joining the rows
And working like in a sweat shop to join nine of the blocks .........
Well SOME of us!!!

We ended up with a 36" scrappy quilt top like this.....

really scrappy & fun!
 A big thank you to Jayne from Makower and Jane from Winbourne  (the distributors of Moda fabrics) who have given us loads of samples to make these quilts with. 

Around the rest of the room we had lots of the ladies that were doing other designs

cute teddy being quilted

Some Peter Rabbit blocks

Squaring up ready for binding

Did she do any sewing today???

 I didn't count them all and they may not all be completed but I think that you can say that the day was quite productive?

Love the Union Jacks

Bright and cheery

and some for the incubators

And during the afternoon we stopped for exactly 12 minutes for our AGM, new treasurer appointed and ready for a new year of fun.

 Of course, there is always some of this ......


And Fran is quilting the borders on this beautiful Candlewick Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for her grand daughters birthday

Guess how old?

 We will show you the finished item later

And to say Thank You to Lynda for 11 years of counting coins and generally bossing everyone about, the ladies presented her with a FAB bouquet and a voucher for her to have her toes titivated at the local salon (here).

Lynda receiving her flowers from Liz - So she did do something !!!

Thank you Lynda - you really are worth it. xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Away day

 Well June ( with the broken leg!! blummin ice!!!)  has been busy whilst putting her feet up.
such even stitches
 She has been doing a piece of Sashiko. Very therapeutic.

And has now progressed onto a rather exotic scene. Is this "stumpwork?" Looks very impressive anyway. Keep up the good work June, and hope you will be hopping around soon. :)))

And just to show that the Wednesday girls have not been slacking, here is a rather arty shot of some more of the finished Lavender Hearts

 If you are not able to attend the AGM on Monday afternoon but would like to stand as Treasurer or Key-holder for Mondays then please send your details to Carol, Lesley or Lynda as soon as possible.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Some cool stuff today ( or is that just the weather?)

Just so as you know, we like to start 'em young. Hope came along and stitched some Paper Pieced hexagons together

Such concentration!

Whilst Granny was indulging in some hand quilting. This has been waiting for some time, but will be finished for our Exhibition in September.

A lovely sampler - will be worth the wait
 Annette had brought in a beautiful ring cushion featuring some of her handmade lace
even a little pocket for the ring

 And look at the lovely handmade box for it!
so pretty

 Ellen is in production of some super pencil cases - I think these are for a sales table

Very "British!"

 These will make a lovely gift
such a simple idea

And she is also sewing another lovely smocked coat hanger  - I will show more of this as it progresses.
serious stitching here

And some lucky little person will be getting a new woolie  - certainly need it this weather.
love the rolled border
We had a tiny chatelaine claiming ownership of some pretty scissors

snip snip
And Carol is sewing down the binding on her Patchwork & Quilting magazine "Block of the Month Quilt".  This was done "quilt as you go". Hope she brings it in next week for her Ta Dah! moment.

Must be the March block

And another Carol  is making something secret - so just a peek - looks a bit WOW to me!

Striking piece of fabric

 Now, if you have got this far - it shows that someone is reading all the waffle. Pop a comment in just so we know what you think of us all.

If you are a blogger - please pop a link in so we can see what you are up to too.  

Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Lavender Hearts!!

 We had a room full this evening when Maggie Wise visited us again for the Wednesday ladies to have a go at the Lavender Hearts.

Lots of busy stitching going on with just a bit (!) of chat and a splurge of shopping of the lovely selection of fabrics that Maggie brought to sell

getting started

sorting through the strips
 We will see these little gifts when they are completed

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was quilting some embroidered blocks. These have been stitched, and then sent to her for finishing, from a charity that then donates the quilts to sick children. 
some beautiful stitching in these blocks

 And it looks like these two are sorting out a future project? 
Or maybe just avoiding doing any work??

Look at that pile of strips! Ready for the Linus day.

Pop over to Crazy Mom Quilts to see what your strips could make!!

I see someone popped in from Cape Town!  Is that you Mrs L ??