Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunny days

Another sunny day, but it did n't stop us working.  Lots going on today, and lots of Cup Cakes to eat.

Ann you are naughty, but its nice.
There were a few still working on their Sunbonnet Sue door stops.

Think her hat needs a bit more work

Think this "Sue"
 has already had too much sun

Maureen was working on a cushion ready for her jubilee celebrations.  Love the pearl buttons.

Real Royal cushion
I took the picture below, but thought I had seen it before... go back a few weeks and there it is...May 14
doesn't look like a lot of work has been going on in this corner.... must get that whip out
So cute 

But some folk have been working, June brought her hand stitched sampler quilt to show us (remember the one we did with Lynda). Congratulations June, it really is lovely.

Well done June

This was being worked on my Carol. I really should have taken a close up of this, the needle lace was stunning.

My pic doesn't do this justice.

Monday, 21 May 2012

 What a day we had!!  Even Jo decided to work today.

Head down getting ready 

Yep, she's working!!

So now Jo's out of the way,  Lynda and Maureen could get on with showing the ladies how to make some interesting door stops.  Lynda's group were making Sunbonnet Sue and Maureen's ladies were making a designer handbag......  I have to tell you while the work was going on, we almost changed the name of Ena's corner from 'Cock up corner' to 'Blue corner'  I will leave you and your imagination to work out why.

Believe me this is the head

Heads begin

Is this little 'Norma Nomates'??? 

Heads at the ready

Betty operating, Pauline assisting 

Heads on

Heads and arms (will we get knees and toes)

Pauline with teacher watching (where is Toni)

Voila!  9 Sunbonnet Sue, and 3 great bags
Didn't they do well????  

A few weeks ago Mrs Beal was working on a lovely little lap rug...well, that's what I thought it was, but this is the lucky recipient .....

Dudley's very own quilt.
Yes, Dudley is the dog (and he doesn't have a lap).  I believe Ann now has orders for two quilts for grandchildren's cats........ she certainly has too much time on her hands....... It is a beautiful quilt Ann, lucky Dudley.

Too True
Ann's daughter sent most of these fabrics from America for quilts, and  this wall hanging is made from some of the left over fabric scraps. 

Do you remember back in February we made quilts for Linus??? Here

Today Joan Mason came to collect all 82 small quilts and 8 large quilts.  These quilts not only go to the neo-natal units in Kettering and Northampton, they also go to the children's wards.  Joan also told us they go to bereaved children, fosterlings, children who are in family refuge, and some are sent to individual children when a request has been made.

Off to find new homes.

Yes- lots got done today along with lots of laughter, roll on next Monday.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pat Archibald

On Wednesday evening Pat Archibald came to take us " Around the World in 80 Quilts"

This was a talk accompanied by a slide show telling us of her trips to Mount Kilimanjaro, and
Hong Kong.

The quilts that she showed us were stunning!  All were "scenic" types but like none that we have seen before. She uses colour to depict the mood and her interpretation of her trips is quite remarkable.

The ladies taking a closer look at Pat's work
Some of the ladies bought kits for small projects and some of us will be lucky enough to be taking one of the two workshops that will be held at  our LQS


Hemmingford Grey

On Monday 14 May, a group of us went to The Manor House at Hemmingford Grey, near Huntingdon, to see the house, gardens and wonderful patchworks of Lucy M Boston, author of the Green Knowe books.

The coronation topiary.
We were shown round by her daughter in law, Diana Boston, who explained that Lucy sewed all the quilts by hand before, during and after the Second World War when fabrics were hard to come by.  Not like us who have stashes of all sorts of fabric! 

Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses
She made her last quilt in her 90's [I think].  Beautiful quilts made from tea towels, ticking, table cloths and anything she could lay her hands on.

The children's room

Later additions on the east side of the house.

Diana told us how Lucy Boston would invite airmen from local air stations to listen to her collection of music
The RAF enjoyed their wartime record recitals here.

Lucy Boston was certainly ahead of the times during a very difficult period of history, and a visit to the house is like stepping back in time.

If you haven't visited the The Manor House at Hemmingford Grey and the beautiful gardens give them a call to arrange a visit.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Another busy Day!

Not so many people at group today made for a much more peaceful session. Maybe this is the start of the holiday season. Still there was lots of room to spread around.
Billy and her Friend Noma (tes)

 Was it something they said??!!!

Lots of applique projects are being tackled
A lovely Grandmothers Flower Garden  complete with its own Bees!

It looks like Eileen has quite a few blocks in that bag, another of her many lovely projects.

A cute Flopsy Bunny

This is one of Liz's blocks which will surely have bred by next week!

Then we have Glenys who missed the back to basics work day so she is having a go by herself, and hopes that someone will help her out if she gets stuck.  Looks like she is managing very well.

A couple of finished items.
This Dresden Cushion is a gift for a friend
And Wendy is just putting the binding on a quilt for her niece using some "Wonky Stars" blocks that she made in a workshop with Katharine Guerrier. She has mixed them with some "lovely" African fabrics - recognize them anyone??

A really vibrant quilt

Looking forward to seeing Pat Archibald on Wednesday evening. All Welcome - Bring a friend!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A quiet evening

It was a quiet evening yesterday, with everyone catching up on their own work.

Carol brought in her Seminole quilt that she had made at a workshop with Jan Shepherd

It is quite big, two members had to stand on chairs (oops - health and safety!) for the photo, to prevent it from dragging on the floor . This quilt will be staying with Carol.
Fabulous colours Carol - love the border fabric!
And to add a cherry on the top, Carol also was the lucky lady that won the quilt that was raffled off at her LQS. 

  Looking forward to Pat Archibald coming next week. Be there or be square!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wednesday 2nd May

An unusually productive Evening I think!
 Carole & Jo showed us how to make the useful work bag.
Jo giving Maggie some instruction

everyone looks relaxed!

The bag has a zipped gusset that opens right up, so yes! we had a nice concealed zipper to put in before we started. That seemed to go surprisingly well.

Adding a decorative stitch to the handles
We all got the bag outside put together and the lining made up.  We will be adding the removable pocket section at our meeting on 23rd May.  We all had a really nice evening. Thank you Carol & Jo. 

Look good so far, don't they?
Don't forget ladies that we have the lovely Pat Archibald coming to speak on Wednesday 16th May. You can see her work HERE . The topic is "Around the World in Eighty Quilts". I know that you will enjoy this slideshow and talk. She will be teaching at a LQS on Thursday and Sunday.

Visitors are most welcome to the group to hear Pat, so please bring a friend too.

 Entry is £2 per person, refreshments included.