Monday, 25 June 2012

Work & Rewards?

 There was a hive of industry going on at group today.

 Diane was stitching the binding on a quilt she has just machine quilted.

 She quilted each block as a separate item. She found this was less daunting than tackling the quilt as a whole.

Worked out well for a first attempt eh?

 Eileen was working on another block from the Patchwork & Quilting magazine Block of the Month programme.
Very pretty flowers
We had another couple of blocks to add to our Christmas quilt.
Love the 3D holly leaves

And the cute snowman

Now amidst all this stitching there was rather a lot of this going on. (have cropped the picture to avoid the embarrassment of the riot to get to them).

But they were worth the bun fight!
love the Walnut Whip ones!
Ena was working on her Back to Basics block.The lovely appliqué flower design came from some wallpaper.

And Angie had finished one of her blocks made at a workshop at her local quilt shop. The design idea comes from the Baptistery window in Coventry Cathedral. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Betty had a unusual bag that she brings her mug to group  - haven't seen that before!
And Ellen has finished a beautiful smocked pin cushion bit bag (there must be a prettier name for this?)  Chatelaine complete with embroidered roses. This was also done at a workshop with the lovely Jo. I know that Ellen is thrilled with this, and so she should be.
Note the bandaged finger! Whose is that I wonder?
 So maybe all the hard work did deserve the treats, what do you think?

Don't forget that its Round Robin day on Wednesday

Had a visitor from North Vancouver today. Is it you Mrs L?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Just to show what not to do on a Monday afternoon!!  The white thread you see IS attached to the needle which is inside  my finger, under the finger nail. Photo a bit fuzzy as I found it difficult to take with one hand (no, it was Derek really!!)..I would like to thank all those who rallied round on Monday to help me. I am now an official Honorary Privileged Member  of the "Cock up club"


Monday, 18 June 2012

What a day!!!!!

What were we up to today??????

Well, a few were going to make machine covers and a few more were going to make the sewing machine mats with pockets.  Everyone got their heads down, started working and before long lots of mats were taking shape.

Mats already taking shape, but all seem to be covering the machines....may be lunch time already

Toni is planning her's whilst eating lunch

Good place to display the mat..... looks great Ellen

Murial's is finished, well done

Very nice Shirley, and didn't you have fun with that quilting???

Diane also finished her one..... very smart

As I said a few were making the covers, so we can't leave them out.

Carol made this 'cutie' cover... blue to match her needle case

Maureen did n't get quite as far as Carol, but it will look stunning when it's done.  Such fab fabric

Now what else was going on....

More Sun Bonnet Sue's

Looks like Janice and Sheila are taking a step back in time....

Didn't we all have to hold the wool for our Mums????  Memory Lane

And what was happening in this corner????

Lynda's area 
Lynda was working so hard to finish this little white dress.  She just had a seam to 'roll and whip', but the machine bit back....... needle straight through her nail and broke off in her finger...... Lesley and Lynda spent the rest of the afternoon at A&E in Kettering.....get better soon Lynda.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bumper week

Oh my goodness, sure sign we have had bad weather, loads of finished blocks, quilts and Sun bonnet Sue doorstops.  That's what we like to see......

I know that we have had a break because of the jubilee weekend, but everyone seemed to have been working hard, and had something to show and tell.

Jo's EQ6 pattern, 

Lynda's block, the design came from a magazine an online friend sent her, great block

Now for the quilts.......

Birdie Stitches quilt finished.  

This block serves as the label.

You may remember this Angie finished first,  3 of us started after seeing this cute block and the complete tutorial is found here .  We are now waiting for Lynda to complete hers, but she has a problem in that she needs 2 x 21/2" strips of the green fabric from the 'Sunkissed' range, if anyone has any of this fabric that you no longer need, can you leave a comment, and I am sure Lynda would come to some arrangement with you.

Lynda also worked with us on a hand stitched sampler quilt a year or so back.  A lot of the ladies that joined in with this had never made a quilt before, and this was made by one of those ladies..

Barbara you did a great job with this, well done.

Nanny Lynda has been busy again,  yes another quilt for another grandchild....

Cute label 

even cuter quilt.
This will soon be winging its way to Scotland.

And last but not least in the quilt 'show and tell'.  This one is made by Carol.


Can you see this is all hand quilted,

Plenty of hours spent on this masterpiece

Ann, Murial and Pat have been working on their Sun bonnet Sue's, (personally think they should be sou'wester Sues with the weather we have been having lately).

Three little maids......

I think a loud round of applause for all of the hard work going on around here.

Next week we have our all day session.  It is planned to make sewing machine covers, but for those of you that don't want a new cover, how about making a sewing machine mat with pockets a bit like this.  

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Not the place

But for those who may be interested
My lovely son and his beautiful wife!

One very proud Mum here! xx
 OK, if you insist!!
The blonde in the middle also belongs to me!