Thursday, 23 April 2020

And So It Goes On

 The Social Isolation is going to be with us for a while yet. 

But at least many of us are able to actually stay at home, enjoying the lovely weather that we have been having.

Spare a thought ....

Debbie's son - A First responder at the start of his shift

A Nurse friend who was starting her shift in ICU 

 Makes being stuck (safe) at home a doddle really, doesn't it?

Debbie,and Shirley have  made headbands 

 and Mask extenders

 Jo and Ena are making hearts

 And more Scrub Bags have been made and delivered

 Onto other things

Over the months, the Wednesday ladies have been watching Beverley embroider panels that will be used to cover a box.

It is finished!! 

 A very pretty treasure chest

 Ellen is dressing toys

and if she doesn't have a toy to dress, she makes one!!!
 And in her spare time, is coming up with ideas for our Four Corners

 Keep sending in your makes, and I will keep everyone up to date with goings on

Stay Safe xx

Monday, 13 April 2020

Easter Production

 I feel that this Blog should be titled "What Debbie Did Next "

Wait for it ...

Debbie has decided to use this Isewlation time  to work her way down her pile of UFO's 

Some fabric boxes

 a pin cushion
 An armchair tidy
 A table topper
 And a lovely quilt for her Grandson
 Yes - All from Debbie  - and I hear there is more to come!!

And now to other members πŸ™„

Sue is taking part in the Quilters Guild Bock of The Month  - the quilt so far
 Ellen has been ticking off her UFO's
 As well as making Scrub Bags for Northampton General Hospital

 Carol has become addicted to making blocks for her Isewlation quilt

sashing to be added to this one

 and Lesley is trying to keep up

 Maria is still making worms for her Jelly Roll rug
 Lynda has embarked on another baby quilt - I think this is for a Great Nephew/Neice

 Lesley and Jo have been sitting in the sunshine with some embroidery

Jo has taken a bunch of Miniature quilts that she made with a Mini Mania group and joined them altogether into this beautiful quilt.  Quite a Challenge as they were all different sizes 

 Debbie is going to continue with her crochet blanket till it covers her completely and she can go into hibernation till this Lockdown is over !!

 She is nearly there !!

 Elizabeth sent a message to say that she was making Scrub Bags for Northampton General Hospital

As she is the designated shopper for her lovely Mum and Dad, she was able to pick up more bags from the ladies in Rushden and Higham en route to Mum.

Again - you lot have come up trumps

Elizabeth was able to hand over 70 Scrub Bags to her sister (who is a nurse at the hospital) 

 And if any of you feel inclined, they still need more!!!
 so simple to make -They are just unlined draw string bags. 


If you are not up to making a bag - how about some crochet hair bands - Known as Mask Mates - used to hook a mask around - they save the nursing staff getting sore ears -

The pattern for these ( given in American Terms) can be found on Ravelry

 We are sending the next batch on Thursday of you are able to help 

OR you can post to
The Hospital Kindness Co-Ordinator
Northampton General Hospital

I am trying to find out if Kettering General Hospital are needing the same items. 

and you don't need to go to the post office - you can print your own postage label here  
and just pop it in the post box on your daily walk.   

Let me know if you are making and I will collate the things for Elizabeth to pick up 

Monday, 6 April 2020

A Productive Weekend

 For some.....

Carol has got hooked on making the Isewlation quilt blocks
all from her scrap box

Jo has finished off her Winter Wonderland quilt (ready for next winter) 

Lynda has added another Baby Quilt finish - this one for a great great niece 

Ellen has made these pretty crosses in time for Palm Sunday 

 Elizabeth had a call from her sister who is a nurse at Northampton General Hospital.  They are in need of "Scrub Bags"  for the staff to pop their dirty scrubs in when they have finished a shift - the scrubs go straight into the washing machine inside the bag so they do not contaminate thier home environment . 

Liz has produced this lot

 Here are some instructions if you want to donate some yourself.  

Bags should measure  50cm x 50cm - no smaller than 40cm x 40cm  _ a great way to use up some of those fat 1/4 - It doesn't matter if the front and back are different fabrics 

 If you do make some,  email and I will arrange 😷with Elizabeth to get them to the hospital.😷

 And keep sending the photos in -  I have plenty of time to update the blog 😳

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Into The Swing Of Things

I am sure we are all getting used to our Stay at Home instructions a bit more now.

My best tip is do NOT listen to more that one lot of news a day. We were tuning in to the Tea Time update but now they are just getting political digs in,  so we now only listen to the local section of the news at 6.30pm   They tell us any updates and that is all we need.
 Since doing this I am feeling much less anxious. Still missing my family like crazy, but we are keeping in touch and that will have to do.

Maybe Mr T and myself will end up like those Japanese soldiers on Pacific Islands that emerge 30 years after the war had finished and they had no idea.  😜

You will let me know when it's all over - won't you ? 😦

Anyway - I have added a few numbers to our Whatssap group butt no one seems to be connecting on it.  I have popped something on there today and will see what response I get.

I will update this Blog a couple of times  week  - so please email any photos of things
( to ) that you are working on or have finished and I will get them on Or you can add them to the Whatssap group and I can transfer them here

But firstly -

Great Big
 to the Lovely Ellen and Graham who are celebrating their
 Diamond Wedding Anniversary
today !!!

   That's and event that will need to be celebrated with friends soon  

Debbie sent a photo of her son who is a First Responder   - I remember him as a very bonnie baby - I know Debbie is very worried about him

Ellen has been busy making for a Coffee Morning - but that of course, was cancelled so they will be saved until later in the year. 
 If anyone has any spare wooden coat-hangers, I know Ellen would make good use of them

June is also on the Bunny run 

And has now moved onto mice

Beverley has sent through photos of the  Linus quilts that she is making

Obviously on a production line

Just to let you all know that the Linus quilts that we made this year are being stored until we have the All Clear.  So if you want to make any more it is not too late.

 Bernice is knitting to keep her fingers busy
 Maria is having a go at a Jelly Roll Rug for her Grandaughter
 I have finished an Aran cardi for this little one

 This quilt for a first time Grandma

And I pieced the back 
And I am piecing the back for this one  that I have also made this last week 

More First time parents

There are so many funny clips and videos going around at the moment, but this was part of a conversation that made me laugh till I cried  πŸ˜‚
what can you do with her !!!

I hope that we are all going to join in with this evenings Thank You 

Stay Safe xxx