Monday, 2 December 2013

How Many More Sleeps?!?!

Not enough - that's how many!

Lots of things need to be finished and a few started too, but as always there have been lots of Elves/Pixies (or Goblins) working their way through piles of things.

 Muriel has completed a beautiful Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for a very lucky Grand Daughter

lovely applique
 Ellen is catching falling stars - or making them for her tree - not sure which
festive sparklers
 June has made stockings for her little ones
Fleece or felt?
 Barbara is working her way though a cross stitch picture
more of this later
Ann is working on some appliqué - I think a cushion
love the colours
 Brenda was adding the last few stitches to a rather large Stained Glass window landscape piece that she has been working on for a while now. I think you agree, well worth the wait.
Very effective!
 Chris is on a roll - she is sewing some pretty little hearts for the Christmas Tree
I love Red & White
 Jan has started another appliqué project - Teddy Bears this time
 Some more appliqué going on here (not sure whose it is - sorry!)
pretty floral prints
 Some lucky little boy is getting a pocket cushion for his favourite bedtime book and toy 
Grandpa is a ship's Captain (not a Pirate one - or Johnny Depp either :(( )
 Maureen is making lovely seasonal place mats. Really pretty.
Sorry - can't turn the pic!
 Santa has been re producing again! They do look lovely - the biggy is over a metre tall!

one has his evening clothes on
Beverly has finished her Christmas wall hanging. It is such a simple idea but so effective! Well done Beverly.

ready to hang at home

 NOW for something else!

 Nesta has been working on this little baby for - well --- SOME time now. It's huge. Its beautiful. It. is. PERFECT.

 And those hexi's are so small!
I think they are half inch hexi's

 Again - sorry for the poor picture. The back ground is white and the hexi's are really colourful.

 and Jo has completed a Christmas Sampler

 It just has to be framed. But - its - is - - -  exquisite.  Fact.

it is lovely. such fine work!

A great big round of applause to our lovely ladies! Yay! 

Just a reminder that we have two more Mondays and two more Wednesdays before the festivities

On Monday 16th December Helen Spence will be joining us to make Christmas cards for someone special (or who will appreciate the work!) .  Just bring a bag of scraps of Christmas prints, and any sequins, beads and fancy threads you have that you can embellish your cards with. Helen will bring card stock with her for you to buy.

We will have a Bring and Share Lunch. Party night for Wednesday ladies is the 18th.

Pick up your programme of events for 2014. We will start next term week commencing  Monday 6th  January!