Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Its Like Dr Who!

 Those Santa's keep regenerating!!
 These young men have removable hats to tuck away some sweeties

a sweet surprise for someone
and Carole has some chickens are hatching for another project

 Someone is making some seasonal coasters

Some finishes here. A trio of cushions, and a snazzy table runner

Bright runner!
You may remember this?

Well, this is what Maria turned the square into

Hazel is progressing well with her Tree of Life embroidery

Jan has finished her Christmas wall hanging

Some more Christmas bits and bobs ---

Christine has made a table-centre

the red looks a bit pink in this photo!

And still more hexi patches being patiently sewn

And Kay is hand sewing all of her Christmas tags. Good luck with that !

With only three more Monday meets before the festivities, lots of busy sewing going on.

The 2013 Christmas Challenge is all ready ladies  --  are you?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Holidays are coming!

 It's been a busy few weeks at group, same as most other places at this time of year I would think.

 Carol has finished a very colourful Sampler quilt - looks like the patterns may have come from Lynn Edwards book  (one of the best traditional quilt books about)

Jackie has been playing with her buttons and has come up with this delight

what a fun idea!
 this (adult) hat has been made for a fan of the film (thank you Jo)

 and another, seasonal, topper made with scraps from a Christmas quilt.

 But THE project of the day was this little chap

has he been on a diet?
 so there was quite a lot of this going on

piecing all those scraps

 Adding a face

 and some dangley bits

 there's always someone going into mass production!
Looks a bit like a sweat shop!

this one is for Denise
 And hey presto you have a whole platoon of these

lots of different beards
a bit of fur
even a little dew drip!!

 tall ones and shorts ones all ready for the season

 A BIG THANK YOU to Shirley, Ena and Ellen for sorting us out with this project.

Well done ladies x

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Sorry ladies, 
We have to postpone the "Foot Day" this Monday 11th November. 
Jill is unable to be with us. 
We will try to re arrange in the next couple of weeks or so.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Little Bit Packed...

 ...at group today. Now we know why we have a waiting list!!

 And there was a lot of busy ladies around, including "E" who had had a fall and was sporting quite a nice set of bruises, but was keen to get a huge number of "reindeer food" sacks ready for a rainbow group. There's loyalty!

cute fabric
Pat is making a concerted effort to finish (last years) Christmas picture

rather elegant don't you think?
 Muriel has completed another foundation piece block
 Chris was active (for a change) and is stitching a pretty Christmas panel.

 Pauline is making a scissor keeper. These are so useful.
for gifts?
 Jan is embellishing a Christmas wall hanging. Lots of different seasonal blocks here


 There are quite a few embroidery projects going on in various parts of the room
 Starting with a cute Owl
lovely texture with this

 some tiny embroidered motifs ready to put into a patchwork project
these will go into 3" sqaures1
 A tiny sampler in progress
that's why Lynda had a those magnifiers!
 And a HUGE stunning cross stitch of Ann's family tree, this traces her family back to 1751
a few finishing touches and we will reveal at a later date
 And one of our new ladies is stitching a red-work picture which I think will be framed later.

Still more Hexagons being worked on.

love these colours
 A nearly finished Union Jack quilt made with the Downton Abbey range of fabrics. There is a free pattern download here

rather effective triangles
 And next week we will see what Maria has made from this square

 And then there was Shirley.  


 What can I say!!!!

 Next Monday afternoon we hope to have Jill from Sew Northampton showing us how to use those extra feet that we had with our machines and that we keep looking in despair. Bring along your machine and any feet that you would like to know how it works!

I will confirm her attendance and post here later in the week.