Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Charity Champions

It never fails to amaze me, how the ladies are so generous with their time. One of our latest quests is to help a group from the next town, fill 400 boxes this year. They will have a tiny quilt, bonding squares, a comfort toy, hat, photo frame, book and a little treat for the Mum. These are being passed over to our local maternity unit, to be given to the family of very premature babies.   

On Wednesday we had a "Charity" evening and all got stuck in to sewing, knitting and crocheting some of these items

sooo many and sooo cute!

These hats are tiny!!

 Carol has been mass producing these PJ's some of which have already been sent off the the
Wrap Pyjama Fairies

for a two year old
 So please to hear that Carol has earned her "Fairy Wings" .  She has made a lovely job of them

these gowns are for age 7

 We had another finish from the Bargello workshop, this time from our youngest member (7!)

 she has sen the zip in herself!  Well done Chloe!!

 More tiny makes. This time it is Gillian's bird pin keeper.

 Rosemary has been making celebration bunting

 We have some machine smocked cushions finished
 Ena creating more trouble / dropped a clanger sewing her collage. Too much talking me thinks!

Hazel had made a lovely little bag , turning the top over for security
love the print!

 Jan was on bag making too, both to be gifted.

Lesley had completed a quilt top . This needs wadding and backing added. 
 Barbara has a trio of Collage finishes
sweet cushion

net curtain flowers on this bag!

and on this!
 Maria had finished a Kindle Case for her husband

 So I think that we can say the last couple of workshops have gone down well.

We also had three BIG finishes!

Elaine was so proud relieved to have finished this Batik Beauty

As was Shirley with her Star Sensation

 And the finishing touches - facial features and a flock of seagulls  to her Darling Dolphin quilt

makes all the difference!

 Well done ladies. These are fabulous!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Collage Creation

Was the workshop that was held  on our Project Day this week.
Janis had brought in a huge bag of Liberty scraps for us to dig through and a great selection of finished items that we could aspire to make. 

A Cushion

 A Picture
 A Photo Frame

 A Book Cover


So we all dug in and picked our favorite pieces of fabric and began playing
 Some had been through their scraps and brought those in to work with

 Once the stabilizer was covered the stitching began
 Some by machine
 And some by hand

 More than one had placed the fabrics on the non sticky side of the foundation fabric so pins were employed!

 Some fancy silks on this one

 And some pretty lace here

 And here we have some embroidered pieces added in to the mix

 I wonder what this will end up as?

Adding some flowers

Ahh!  Now I see.

I think Bernice had maybe jumped the gun with hers but it has turned out well!

We will see the finished items over the next few weeks .

A great day - Thank you Janis!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Bit Behind


 posting on the Blog, but life has gotten in the way a bit just lately, so I must apologise if you keep coming, hoping to see more of the lovely items the ladies have been making. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

More fabulous Bargello finishes

 And Pauline (who hates the glory) chose to make her piece at home. She also "experimented" with the layout.  It looks great Pauline! Well done!

Carol has been making paper pieced cushions

 Shirley was quilting this lovely Dolphin quilt for her niece

just some detail to add to the picture
 Ena was showing off  proud of  her Miniature Drunkards Path quilt that she made with the
 Mini Mania Challenge Group

measures 9" x 12"
 Lynda hand Lesley had brought their Mini's in too 

not her first attempt!

 Glenys has begun the embroidery on one of the little lampshades. This will keep her other one company 

 Lynda is working on a stitched piece too, but has run out of the Mint Green thread and is on the search for just a little bit more!

Pauline was not being distracted by the Coven girls this week and was happily stitching a panel 
 from this pattern

 Jan has finished three of the Sun Bonnet Sue blocks and is well on the way with the fourth and final one, before she puts them together
 Remember the Christmas Wall-hanging that most of the ladies made  in 2012?  Well Sue has embarked on a second one.
 Kathy is still sewing her Tumbling blocks together and it is looking lovely

 Our lovely Isobel was enjoying the company and was knitting 

 Beverley is making a woolly wallhanging

Brenda is using more Batiks and has put together this beauty
 Gail is working with Tweed fabrics to make this lovely cushion
 Gill is busy crocheting a Road Trip shawl and has also made some of the premie hats for the memory boxes.

 Jackie has been busy making these cute birds
 And has almost finished this gorgeous baby quilt

Right - I think that that is all the photo's up to date. I will try to keep up in the next few weeks!

Next Monday is our All day project with Janis 

We will be doing "Collage Creation"  (also known as Use your Scraps!)  

As we know, Janis is very clever and has books and everything!


And she has examples of things that we could be making 
 This is a memory picture where she has collaged lots of things that she could not bear to throw away
a card or two, a precious piece of fabric
 This photo frame is so sweet
Love this!

or an embellished piece that you could hang or make a special notebook cover

So you will need:-

Scraps of fabric - even the tiniest pieces will be used

Machine Embroidery threads - variegated threads will be lovely, and metallic onesas well as plain colours.

Hand Embroidery threads

A piece of plain soft vilene, calico or an old pillowcase to use as you baking for the scraps

A piece of pelmet Vilene for the Photo Mount. It would be useful if you had the picture frame that you will use if you are going to use this as a mount. It can be used by itself if you wish.