Monday, 28 July 2014

Toni's Been Busy!!!

 And very secretive too. Whilst she takes the brunt of a lot of jibes about how she likes to start things but we never see a "finish" from Toni, she has been secretly beavering away and has an abundance of completed projects this week!
This lovely Activity Bag for her Grand Daughter

Full of things to do
 A lovely jacket for said Grand Daughter
Love the spots
 And a scissor keeper

these are handy little things to pop in your bag.
 Well done Toni - we promise not to tease you again ---- well -- this year!

It must be a week for finishes - Bridget was celebrating finishing this bag, that was started
 7 (yes SEVEN!) years ago. Apparently she was waiting for just the right button to decorate it. (Yeah!)
Ta Dah!
And Chris - she of the chatting and thinking group - or that's what they tell me--  Well Chris has obviously been busy at home and has made eight or nine pencil cases for Ellen. Great one Chris!
I know that Chris has also been given some bits and bobs of fabric, so we may see more of these week?
 June has been using her lovely machine to embroider a table runner, which she then added some shiny beads for a bit of twinkle
simple but effective
Annette was sewing down some bias on this stained glass piece.

 Alison is dressing a dolly that she has made, and look, she has even knitted her socks!
Head to follow shortly
 We had a couple of hand quilters trying to finish their quilts. I will show these in their glory later

 I for one think its a bit warm for having a quilt sitting on your lap!

 Jan is using some lovely Liberty prints to make a hexagon piece

And then there is the Appliqué section

( the other) Jan has added some appliqué to a piece we saw a couple of weeks ago

Pam  is making a "Be Attitudes" quilt

Pat is adding a Sun Bonnet Sue block to the back of her Sun Bonnet Sue quilt 

more of those lovely spots
Val is adding hearts to a Log Cabin cushion block

 And Kay is on the home run with her "quiet book" - it's certainly kept her quiet busy for weeks!

such neat stitching

 We had a bevy of stalwart box makers determined to finish their boxes

Ena making up her own instructions for an Et Tui box
 Glennys using some spool fabric for hers
very appropriate
 Ellen couldn't wait fr the glue to set on hers before she started filling it!

 Fran is embroidering the centre panel in a quilted wall hanging
Lucy Locket - very pretty

 And Jo and Lesley had challenged each other to make a miniature quilt
each square is half (yes 1/2") an inch -

 Not quite finished but a very proud reveal

 They both used the same instructions, and had swapped the half square triangles ready made  and somehow one turned out an inch and a half bigger than the other!
 You can read more about the process here and here (when they have updated!)
Just goes to show the difference two peoples 1/4" seam allowance can be. The original pattern measured 68" x 72"   - these measure 15" x 16 1/2" (ish)


A Couple of Notices!!!

Carol has booked the coach for the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace 
on Sunday 12th October
Forms are ready and deposits (£10) are being taken. 
Please book your place now, before we let them go to no-members


Angel Festival at 
The Parish Church of St Mary, Higham Ferrers
 weekend of 22nd November

We have volunteered an Angel for this event

Well, we have said that we will make little Angel dolls to hang around the church, rather than one large display.
                              We have a pattern for you to use. Samples are available to view

If you would like to make an angel of your own, then please see Lesley, Ellen, Ena for a copy for you to borrow. Your Angel will be included in the display, and will be returned to you after the event.

If you do not want an angel of your own, we would really like you to make one anyway. We will provide a kit and your angel will be sold at the event. Please let Lesley or Ena know.

If you would like to make more than one Angel, we will not be stopping you!!

If we ALL make one Angel, we should have 89 for the church, and knowing you lovely ladies, we are bound to make that up to 100 (which is a much nicer number don't you think?) 

We will have a Monday Afternoon  and a Wednesday evening when we can do this, or you can make yours at home in your own good time. They are not hard and will not take up too much of your time. 


There was a third item, but I am blowed if I can remember what it was, so check back later, it may come to me at some ungodly hour in the morning.

I remembered!!! 

Our WW1 pieces will be displayed at Finedon Flower Festival  and  Great Doddington Festival weekends in September.  Could we please have your pieces back week commencing 8th September. They will be taken from Finedon to Great  Doddington and then returned to you. For those of you who wanted to donate your pieces, they will be handed over to Higham Ferrers British Legion at the end of September. 

Please feel free to leave a compliment  comment on the blog, just so I know that someone is reading it?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Penultimate Wednesday

 Jackie has completed a lovely quilt for one of three sisters. The little girls have chosen their fabrics and Jackie is making the quilts. One down, two to go. Lucky Little Girls!
Jackie's own design to suit the little girl
 Louise was catching up on an appliqué wall hanging that she started ..... 12 Years ago

think the tea may be stewed!
 Maureen is making a folder cover for a wedding that will take place in a few weeks.

 And Elizabeth was tracing some lettering for the same wedding

Can you work out what it will say?
 Nikki was layering up a quilt that she has made - just because she can
Lovely and bright
 Susan is embroidering some motifs that will go into a wall hanging

 Jackie also has one of the few finished boxes - this one opens out to yeild three little trays

 And -------------------

I'm saying nothing!
 Well, I will leave you to work this one out!

Nest week we will catch a pic of all of the Wednesday finished boxes, and that is the last Wednesday meeting till September.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Boxing Ourselves In

 On a rather sultry Monday, ladies turned out in force to take part in the Box Making session that we had arranged. Some had bought their box kits recently, and some used kits that had been purchased ......a while ago!

Anyway, fabrics were cut and glue was stuck and directions followed.

covering each piece
pegging the wet glue

Making hinges

tidying corners

coming on nicely

more glueing

and reading of instructions
cutting the template for the lining
starting to take shape
nearly there!

Et Voilà!
smart interior

some very fancy boxes
of all shapes and sizes

 Meanwhile in the rest of the room ....

some quilting on a Linus Quilt
A pile of Sun Bonnet Sue's
A slipper bag for the new term
Still finishing the 2013 Challenge
Some tiny appliqué leaves
And some crochet GLOVES!!! but sorting of fabrics too
 It was nice to see "T" back, and sewing - Bonus!

 So quite a bit going on whilst some of us were on Granny duty
 Which was a good job 'cos Granddad fell asleep in the sun..... Just saying!