Higham Piecemakers Events 2017


Mon 20th Nov – Folded Wreath  - Shirley Harrad 
Requirements: 1x Polystyrene wreath size 21cm (£1.19 from Colemans)        
 Stiff cardboard for base 21cm  / Fabric Glue  / Medium pins   
40x 5 in squares Green 
37 x5in squares Red 
3 Fabric circles, 1x18cm, 1x23cm, 1x25cm approx.
If using the same fabric red and green you will need ¾ metre of each. 

Assorted fabric can be used and fabric for base circles is extra.
It will be better to make the petals before you come.
Fold squares into triangles and then fold again. Tack along the raw edge and pull into a petal shape and finish off.
The wreath will be assembled on the all day

Wed 22nd Nov – 

Mon 11th  & Wed 13th Dec – Christmas Party and Christmas Challenge

Last sessions w/c Monday 18th December
2018 Starts w/c Monday  8th January