Thursday, 22 September 2016

Project Week

 And there was lots of twinkly things being produced

Shirley was showing how to make a beautiful beaded snowflake
Lots of supplies
off to a good start
Nearly there
 And some pretty decorations made

 Thank you Shirley - a great workshop

 Ena was off on her own quest of making more of her tiny beaded baubles

she's gonna need a bigger tree!

 Alison was showing these sweet Teddy decorations

 Thank you Alison - these are lovely

Barbara was helping create a whole flock of little chicks 
Pincushions galore
 Thank you Barbara - these would make a nice little stocking filler, and I expect to see more of these in the future.

 Meanwhile .......

There was a whole factory of doll dressing going on. 
Ellen adding hair
Very smart!
Gathering the dress yolks
Ena working furiously
 Making up the dresses

 Toni's first one done!

Pretty fabric
 Maureen's completed dress
 Just the hem to finish and then ......

 Faces to be added but we managed to get all of the little dresses complete - except for the buttonholes which will be done at home

Well done and thank you ladies!!

These dolls will be added to the Shoe Boxes that we are making up over the next few weeks.

Other items being worked on in the group -

Barbara is Cross Stitching this pretty bear

Chloe - our youngest member ( my many many many years)  has made her own Fold and Stitch wreath using this doggy fabric 
Well Done Chloe !  It's great!
Lynda had been to a workshop to make this lovely bag - which she said was a bit of a challenge - but is very happy with the final result.
ready for her next shopping trip
Susan is making hexagons that will become a bag later.
nice fabrics
Rosemary and Brenda were both working on an "easy" zipper pouch. Though they were thinking it was not that easy.

But I'm sure they will work it out

Jackie was showing Sue how to free motion quilt.  And Sue was doing very well too.

Carol had finished one of the two smocked panels that will become dresses for her Grand Daughters

And Yes - Christmas projects are underway!!

Beverley is embroidering a set of pictures that will be added to a quilt

Sally has started making this clutch of eggs into pine cones 

And Lynda has started her Christmas cards with this Prick and Stitch design.
I expect that Christmas will feature quite a bit over the next couple of months.  Hey Ho !  It will soon be the season.

Thank you to all who took charge of the projects this month. 


 Just a Reminder 

There is plenty to do and see this weekend 

  Barton Patchers  
 Quilt Exhibition
Earls Barton Methodist Church
Saturday 24th  10 am - 4.30 pm
Sunday 25th Sept 12 noon till 4pm
Admission £3
In Aid of Macmillan Cancer


Thread and Patches 
have their

                         15th Anniversary 

                          Quilt Exhibition 

     Fri 23rd and Sat 24th September 2016

                               10.30 til 4.30 

               This event will takes place over three venues 

 Pop over to Threads and Patches for more details

I won't be able to see any of these exhibits as I (and a few others ) am of to Yarndale !!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Monday Monday

 Lots of stuff going on this at this weeks Monday session.  Folk returning from holidays and catching up with the gossip.  Preparations for Next Mondays "Four Corners" project day and generally starting or finishing many different projects.

 Bridget is working on another of her Dog Sampler quilt blocks

 Eileen is quilting her Sunbonnet Sue quilt

Jackie has nearly finished quilting her cot panel.

Ena has fallen in love with Mini Bauble making. 
they are beautiful
 Ellen has started on her production line antics - this time it's Mini Stockings

Carole was adding the finishing touches to her lovely bag

Glenys is stitching a Christmassy Redwork block 

 Shelia has begun a rather large Cross Stitch piece

Annette has made good progress on her "Farmer Joe's Quiet Book"
 but will she be making two as this is for the twins........

Pam is quilting a bright and cheery panel
 Lynda had made a lovely new bag  - this turned out smaller than expected (didn't read the pattern) and we also think that it could do with a bit more stiffening around the top panel. So back to the drawing board Lynda
It is sweet though
 And with her other pair of hands Lynda is making a table runner and place mats with some swapped Hexi blocks

Beading seems to be quite popular and June is trying this sweet tassel kit 

 And here we have sample of three of the Four Corners projects for Next Monday 
A Christmas Hanging

A teeny Pin Cushion

A Christmas Decoration 

And we will also be Dressing some cloth dolls

a blank canvas

 that Gill has donated.  These will be added to the Shoe Boxes and we will hopefully get them all finished next week.  If you have a wool that will make a funky hair do or some spare fabric ( fat 1/4's will be great) to help with this them please bring it along .

Saturday, 10 September 2016

New Term - and an Appeal !!

 Wednesday evening sessions have re-started and Gillian brought in her completed wall-hanging all made with wool and tweed fabrics, and a foraged stick to hang it from

 Jackie is expecting her first Grandchild - (exciting times!!) She had fabulous £5 find - this new moses basket - and has added a string of bunting and a lovely little quilt to Posh it up!

all ready for the new arrival
 She has also taken advantage of some time off work to make a quilt for said baby
 and completed her Fold and Stitch Wreath.  Well done Jackie! 
Time to get back to school for a rest !!!

We have seen Maggie's quilt being progressed over some time now

 And now it is finished

 Lots of work has gone into this lovely piece

 Well done Maggie!


And now the appeal

I don't know how many of you have seen  The Sanctuary Night Shelter appeal for single bedding for their clients.  When they move on from the shelter into permanent accommodation they take they bedding that they have been using with them. Some of it has been used inside the shelter and some has been used sleeping "rough" when there is no room at the Sanctuary.

If anyone has any spare SINGLE Duvet covers and a pillowcase too - any colour or style - that they are able to donate, would you please bring to group so that we may get them to the Shelter. 
(if you have double duvet covers I think we could make two from one?!?) 

I love the feel of new or just clean sheets,  so I had a word with the committee and a couple of members, and we (the group)  have purchased 6 complete sets (Duvet + Duvet cover - pillow and pillowcase and a fitted sheet) and have taken these already. 

 This whole order cost the group £114.80 !  Not so much as to make a hole in our funds but will make 6 people feel that they are supported.