Thursday, 26 February 2015

Another Busy Week!

 Lots of different projects at group this week, starting with a couple of finished from Jan.
Lap Quilt
 Both of these were made by Jan and hand quilted by Barbara (kind and talented!) and both will be heading off to Jan's Grandson.

King size
 Ellen is making (many) ribbon palm crosses for her ladies at church.
1/8th inch ribbon
 And Mrs Beal was busy sewing a piano key border for her Kaffe Fassett quilt
she LOVES having her photo taken, can you tell?

stripy fabric and stripy border
 Chris is busy stitching a bear embroidery that will become a cushion
 And Eileen is adding some appliqué to her scrappy squares lap quilt

Fat Log Cabin

 Jan, Liz and Barbara are all making their cushions to be raffled at the Exhibition in September
Appliqué on Log Cabin
Celtic Knot
 They are getting a head start as the Exhibition is not until September, but it's good to get tasks crossed off the list.

Now, I'm not sure if these ladies all attended the same workshop, but I think the evidence suggests that they did.


I just love the seed-head embroidery. I wonder what the final item will be?

 Sue has also finished her Baptistery Window quilt top. It still has to be quilted, but it is looking stunning don't you think?  The workshop that Sue attended was based on the Baptistery Window at Coventry Cathedral.  I know that Sue hopes that hers and Helens quilts may hang at the Cathedral in the future

 Meanwhile Jo was quilting a charming panel ready to donate to Project Linus
 If you have a Linus quilt in the making, please get it back to group  by the end of March when the next batch will be passed to the Linus co-ordinator.

Chris is making panels for another Sensory quilt ( for Dementia and Alzheimers sufferers) . I think the rainbow abacus is a great idea. I am sure that Chris someone will appreciate the hard work ;))
 And I am sure that Kim will have dementia when she has finished this Hexi quilt. It will be King size when completed! Those hexi's are VERY small
 Hazel was sitting quietly sorting out the threads for her next project, a (I think it's called Hardanger?) scissor keeper. It is nice to see the clear vinyl zipper wallet and the needle case and the little bag being used. These were projects made at previous group sessions. Those zipper wallets are really handy.

The Tutorial can be found on our Tutorial page. Have you had a look?

The Wednesday ladies added some more of the "Fidget" quilts to the pile and they have now been taken for a "Show & Tell" at the local Mothers Union.  We will then hand them over to some recommended sites in Higham & Rushden. Do you have anyone that you think would benefit?

 And this one has its own maze with a bead to push through
How clever is that?!!

 There has been some really good ideas come from this exercise. Well done ladies!

Carol has finished another crochet bag and you can read more about her big bottom here
a combination of patterns
And she is also making progress with her "counter-change" smocking that will become a coat-hanger cover.
 Lynda is between projects and this is her ongoing Candlewick Embroidery rabbit.
one of his legs
 Linda is sewing in many ends on this patchwork crochet blanket.
the worst bit!
Anne has a little box that is rapidly filling with hexagon flowers
 And when Louise had a tidy up she found a past birthday gift that needs making up.

All cut out and ready to sew - Easy!

 Amanda is quilting a rather elegant cushion panel
 Barbara has started a Drunkards Path project.
templates and drawn sewing lines - old school but always accurate
 And Maggie is working on another embroidered panel from this book. She has finished quote a few so will be making up the quilt in due course

a lovely book
 And Gill is also embroidering a panel ready to put into a wall hanging. This (I have on good authority) is a self portrait.
it's the stripey stockings that give it away!!
 All in all it's been a productive week.

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Noise Returns!!

 Though there were quite a few members away this week (half Term) , the noise levels had returned.  Not blaming anyone in particular,but Carol's voice had returned, Lesley had turned up and Ena seemed to have had far to many "E" numbers !!!
Still we had a good giggle as we finished up some of the Fidget Blankets for people with Dementia

Carol was keen to model one and immediately started to "Fidget". I wonder what that can mean.......

 Anyway, by the end of the evening we had a good selection of little blankets that will be distributed in the local area

this will keep someone busy
plenty of detail
bright and cheery

lots to do
even a little kitty on this one!

We had a laugh at poor Ena for saving the tiniest scraps of wool. She had a bag full!

a couple of yards at most!
 But she had the last laugh, as that little scrap made the first round in one of the blocks that she is crocheting

Carol had finished her lovely Duffel bag, which has been lined and a pocket added for her lipstick!

 She also has a bag to carry her crochet projects around

She does love colour!
Rosemary was stitching a babies fabric book.
this is sweet
 Sally had no hand sewing to bring, so she had begun a baby cardigan for a grandchild.

 Christine was putting the finishing touches to a cushion made for...

Guess who!
 The cushion that we saw last week had not quite been finished, but it is now.
 Lynda is making another set of bunting for her Great Nephew's nursery

Lesley was sewing the binding on her "Plus" quilt. This will be raffled at an MS clinic that she knows of.

quite bright..
 Brenda is on the last leg of sewing the binding onto her
 LONG AND Winding Road quilt. It is H.U.G.E.  and beautiful and made with Batik fabrics.

 This will look stunning at the Exhibition. Who is going to tell her she still needs to add a sleeve.......

Monday, 16 February 2015

A Very Productive Day!!

 It was our all day meeting today, and we were making sensory lap quilts for people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers ( and that doesn't include the group members although sometimes I do wonder.....)

These little blankets are more like fancy aprons really. We have added a strap to tie around the waist. They have lots of little tactile attachments so that the user has something to "fiddle" with rather than pulling on their clothes.Activity or Fidget Blanket / Dementia Blankets

work progressed quickly with lots of different styles being made
A Good Start
 I do believe that some had started their projects at home because the usual culprits seemed to get on rather well

Ena sewing her binding!
 The hardest part is deciding where to put all the little attachments
 And some in the room seemed to be making rather a mess.....
Liz's "bits" and Annette's backing
A few were making Linus Quilts and we also had three lovely Crocheted Linus quilts donated from Mrs Beal's DIL
Beautifully made! 
I just love the Stripped one and the little pink one is so soft!

 Anyway, be the end of the day, we had 20 Finished/almost/just about ready to send off to local recipients

Shirley picking hers for future use.....
Such an array

 This one is on a nautical theme

And June wanted to show her lovely first attempt at crochet!

Well done June

I will show some detailed pictures of the little quilts after he Wednesday ladies have done some more.

Two posts in two days! I'll never keep this up!!