Monday, 30 September 2013

Exhibition 2013

Right - no apologies for the VERY picture heavy post

We had a very successful weekend with over 300 visitors!
to everyone who helped 
--to put the exhibition together in just over 2 hours on Friday night
--run around the town on Saturday morning putting up posters (and then trying to remember where they had been placed for removal on Sunday)
--Manned the ALL of the stalls on Saturday and Sunday
--Made about 200 cups of tea/coffee and CAKE!
--The Great crew who made and Sold hundreds of items on the sales table
--Donated the bags for the bag raffle and the ladies who sold the tickets
--Donated the 47 cushions for the cushion raffle and the ladies who sold those tickets
--Took the whole lot down and cleared the room in about 1/2 an hour! on Sunday afternoon
 (including some darling men who just chip up and get on with it)

We couldn't have done it without you - F.A.C.T


You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see how much we made

Bag raffle (made nearly £200)

Sales table made £827!!!

The Queen in her counting house, checking our figures!

Which resulted in a total of   ------ (wait for it) --- £2428.23

to be split between our chosen charities.

Well done ladies - Ready for the next one??

Monday, 23 September 2013

Penultimate Meeting

 Before our 6th Bi-Biennial Exhibition, so lots of finishing taking place today

Three were completing baby quilts from panels
cute animals

 Di was making the second baby quilt that is pieced, appliquéd, and embroidered.
Such pretty colours
And Lesley was stuffing a "Puff Quilt" covering all bases as far as colour is concerned

apparently babies like to sleep on these - someone should have told me this MANY years ago!

 And Eileen are all finishing cushions for the cushion raffle

Eileen is doing two of these in case we have children entering the raffle.
 Maria is using lots of scraps to make some pincushions too.

Lots of discussions going on as to what to charge for all our makes.
It goes ---- " how much do you think?"
"not sure - how much would you say?"
" Well it must be worth £2.50"  -
"I was going to say a fiver"  -
"£4.00 then!"

For most of our items we charge less than £5 for even though it probably costs that much for the fabrics, but we like to price low and clear the table. All the proceeds from the Exhibition will go to two local charities

Zac's Helping Hand - a Charity that funds two caravans on the east coast for children with life limiting illness and their families to just get away from it all.

The Sanctuary Project - The sanctuary project is 4 bed Night Shelter/Hostel facility based in Rushden.

 We hope to be handing over a juicy cheque to each after the event.


 And further afield there was lots of stitching going on
A bevey of hexagons in all sorts of sizes
Jan was adding some embellishment to a pieced block

 Sheila was making a pictorial block - fields was the subject.

can see the landscape here
 Pauline is using an antique (well it looked like it) pattern to make some dolly clothes

 Jan has another Japanese Folded bag under her belt.
Coastal red and white fabric
there was some Crazy going on here
and a bit of twinkle
We have seen this piece of Coleen's needle turn appliqué work develop over the weeks, and it looks like this block is nearly done.
A beautiful Bouquet
 June has knitted some fingerless gloves, the variegated wool looking good here

pretty colours
Ann is getting on with her seasonal duties
lovely scrappy stocking

 Val has done another table topper in Christmas colours

 Shirley and Ellen are smocking away - these always look good

 Alison is stitching this delightful miniature picture
look at the scale of this - the tiny hands too!!
 And someone has lots of knitted squares to stitch together. This will make a lovely baby blanket.

rich colours
 And three ladies (what do you call three ladies together? hmmmm) were having an embroidery lesson - very patient teacher here.

sparkly bird cage

                            The Exhibition will be held on
                      Saturday 28th September 10 am- 4.30pm
                        Sunday 29th September 12 - 4.30pm

Admission is £2.50  (accompanied children under 16 free)

Cushion Raffle 
Sales Table
LOVELY Refreshments!

All held in a 15c Building
The Bede House
Market Square
Higham Ferrers


Higham Ferrers Farmers Market Saturday 28th 
(from earlier than any of you will get up to about 1pm)  


  • Higham Ferrers Heritage Weekend
  • Cloister Garth exhibition
  • Archaeology exhibition

    Lots to see and do in the Town this weekend so be there or miss out BIG TIME!!!